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Carmen Cedeno

Carmen Cedeno"Majoring in Corporate Communication has made me a more effective speaker and an empathetic, open-minded listener. Effective communication is at the core of our everyday lives, and each of our successes can be traced to how well we communicate with others. From presenting in class, to collaborating in a group, or to negotiating a multi-million dollar deal with an important business stakeholder: communication is key. I owe many of my successes, including my leadership in Baruch's Conversation Partners Program, to the various communication courses I have taken in the Department of Communication Studies."

Marina Del Giacco

Marina Del GiaccoMajoring in Communication Studies was an easy decision for me. I'm a people-person and enjoy interacting with people from all different walks of life. I chose Interpersonal and Group Communication because it strengthens our ability to understand people and situations, have positive and uplifting conversations, and a productive outlook on life. Learning how to understand others and ourselves is a key component in a happy lifestyle.

Suhee Kim

Suhee Kim"I love my major: Interpersonal and Group Communication. I chose it, expecting to improve my communication skills. Human interaction occurs every day and everywhere, in our personal and professional lives. Communication during these interactions appears simple but is complex, and therefore very important and invaluable to learn. During the lab exercises in Group Communication class, for example, students form groups and learn how to work well together, including with members who have various cultural backgrounds and characteristics."

Bryan Sulicki

Bryan Sulicki"The Intercultural and International Communication major allows me expand on my interest in other cultures—whether they be nationalities or social. Learning how to communicate between cultures is needed in our globalized society in business and global politics. I hope to be able to pursue a career in either international business or international politics. In international business I can play a role in being the link between countries for a company. A career like this would also feed my want to travel the world and see it. A career in international politics would allow me to use my interest in cultures and create positive communication between nations."

Jennifer Rubinshteyn

Jennifer Rubinshteyn“When choosing my major, I was presented with a wonderful new choice: The major in Communication Studies. As someone who is greatly interested in communal political engagement, I am captivated by all of the courses in my chosen focus of Rhetoric and Public Advocacy, as well as the variety of other courses offered the major. I have seen an overall improvement in my understanding of others and myself, and I am excited that I am able to connect ideas between the seemingly different discussions within my various courses. I am ever-grateful for being offered a program that has already been so beneficial to both my professional and personal competence.”

Ariel Peterson

Ariel Peterson"I knew Communication Studies was for me since I attended The High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media. I had my first paying client for a project called DCMET (focusing on the decrease of student drop-out rates), and I enjoyed sharing my ideas and being creative. The internships that I've completed and the executives that I had the privilege of being mentored by also played a vital role in my decision to major in Communication Studies. I chose the concentration in Digital Communication and Culture to expand my knowledge of media and media production and to make a difference through innovation."

Chris Garner

Chris Garner"I chose the Minor in Communication Studies because I knew the skills I would learn and develop would benefit me indefinitely, both personally and professionally. The rapid spread of globalization has
created the necessity to communicate with people from many different backgrounds. As a result of my studies, I now have a higher level of confidence when communicating with my coworkers, friends, and family. It has become easier to express my ideas and interpret theirs. In my opinion, these courses are fundamental to becoming a well-rounded world citizen."

Keri-Ann Knight-Francis

Minor in Communication Studies"I decided to become a Minor in Communication Studies because, as a major in Business/
International Marketing, effective communication skills are needed. Three very important communication courses I took are Intercultural Communication, which has allowed me the opportunity of interacting with various cultures and becoming exposed to those that I was ignorant towards; Business Communication, which has taught me the language of the how to communicate in the corporate world (through business reports, letters, memos, e-mail, etc.); and Persuasion, where I learned how to present a persuasive argument effectively. These courses have helped me get closer to my future goal."

Modeline Delacruz

communication students"I was extremely shy and found it difficult to express myself in front of other people, but in the course
COM 1010: Speech Communication I learned techniques and now I’m able to open up and express myself clearly. I’ve been able to see it in other students as well. The class is not exclusively based on public speaking but speech writing, research, group assignments, and body language. Overall, the textbook The Art of Public Speaking, my professor, and materials my professor provided have all helped me battle my fear throughout this course. This has been a very fundamental course, and I will definitely use the things I’ve learned later on in life."

Alvin Tran

Alvin Tran"The world is changing every day. Whether it is managing reputation, handling a crisis, or conducting business internationally, communicating effectively is the key to success. This is why I chose the MA in Corporate Communication. Not only did this program teach me how to think on my feet, it also helped me view each situation using different angles. I plan to use my degree to advance the public relations strategies of my company and to expand our relations internationally."

Ran Xiang

communication students"I am an MBA student in Finance. The reason I chose a communication class (International Business Communication) as my general elective is because I deeply believe that, in the 21st century, a person’s most competitive ability lies in his or her communication skills. This is a world inhabited by human beings, not software or hardware. It is humans we face everyday. With excellent communication skills, you will not only have more chances in this competitive world but also work and live more enjoyably."

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Student Projects

Dana Frenkel on Campus Dynamics

Dana FrenkelCreative Inquiry Day celebrates undergraduate research and creative endeavors at Baruch. During CID 2016, Dana Frenkel (Communication Studies major and Valentin Lizana y Parrague Social Justice Fellow) presented a poster session on "Decoding College Campus Dynamics." Her study, under faculty mentor Prof. Rick Wilkins, gauged Baruch students’ and professors’ conflicting attitudes and beliefs towards political correctness. Findings suggests that the use of the speech code is associated with increased intercultural apprehensiveness, which can impede students’ overall learning experience.

Group Communication: The Kindness Efffect

Juan Huasipoma, Dafnie St. Juliette, Miriam Yardeni, Natia Gvazava, Marieliz De La CruzIn COM 3078 Group Communication (Prof. Elizabeth Minei), student teams complete a Do-Good Capstone Project. A recent project, the Kindness Effect, conducted by Miriam Yardeni, Dafnie St. Juliette, Marieliz De La Cruz, Juan Huasipoma, and Natia Gvazava called on people to commit random acts of kindness and post about them on Facebook. The project spread as far as Sri Lanka and inspired a professor there to challenge her students to one random act of kindness. Altogether, the group documented over 1465 acts of kindness as a result of their initiative.

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Professors Goodman and O'Keefe Bazzoni with MA in Corporate Communication alumni Simone Byrd (PhD, Howard, 2008) and Brian Higgins at the Corporate Communication Institute's 2008 conference in Wroxton in Oxfordshire, England.Professors Michael Goodman and Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni with Corporate Communication MA alumni Simone Byrd (PhD, Howard, 2008) and Brian Higgins at the 2008 conference of the Corporate Communication Institute's in Wroxton, Oxfordshire, England.

Fernanda Arantes, Shahriar Rahman and Suzzane Chinnock on the main room of the Trading Floor at the New York Stock Exchange. This photograph was done by Mel Nudelman the professional photographer of New York Stock Exchange.  Spring 2008 interns at the New York Stock Exchange, Fernanda Arantes, Shahriar Rahman and Suzzane Chinnock. This photograph was taken by Mel Nudelman, the professional photographer of New York Stock Exchange.

communication studentsDamien Watson, a Specialist for La Branche, showing the interns what Specialists do on a daily basis.



communication studentsGraduates Stacyann Weir-Henry (left) and Yana Berkovich (right) with a colleague at Lord & Taylor, where Yana works in the PR Department and Stacyann completed an internship.

communication studentsCommunication Studies minor Walter Barrientos speaks at a rally in New York City in April 2006.

communication studentsCorporate Communication major Rene Maynard on Study Abroad in Naples, Italy...



communication students... and Barcelona.





COM 1010: Speech Communication
(Spring 2008, Professor Susan Tenneriello)

communication studentsAfter a semester of sharpening their public speaking acumen, the class gathered to celebrate their accomplishments.

COM 3102: Communication for Executives
(Spring 2006, Professor Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni)

communication students

COM 3069: Intercultural Communication

(Spring 2003, Professor Elisabeth Gareis)

communication studentsIn an early adoption of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), the Spring 2003 class conducted an online research project with a similar class in New Zealand. The class divided into three groups: (from left to right) Kim, Natalie, Kaydene, Lisa, Karla, Cindy, Gissella, Alexis, Yevgeniya, Manish

communication students (from left to right) Yoshiko, Mathew, Maria, Wendy, Betty, Tela, Delecia, Karina

communication students(from left to right) Nancy, Tariq, Malini, Jenny, Ka Wai, Juliana, Melissa, Vivienne, Natasha


Commencement Ceremony
(May 2007, Madison Square Garden)

communication students

The Masters (MA in Corporate Communication)



communication studentsJosh Goldowsky on the way to receive the symbolic hood and diploma for all masters students of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences.




communication studentsThe Bachelors (BA in Corporate Communication)



communication studentsHappy graduates




communication students

A job well done!




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