BA in Communication Studies

Communication Studies (CS) focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning through the use of channels (e.g., nonverbal, verbal, visual), media (e.g., print, television, computers), and contexts. Reflecting these contexts, students can choose between four concentrations:

  • Interpersonal and Group Communication
  • Intercultural and International Communication
  • Rhetoric and Public Advocacy
  • Digital Communication and Culture

At a Glance:

Curriculum (with approved courses)
Comparison: Comm Studies vs Corporate Comm
Career Paths and Advanced Study
STARR Career Develoment Center Flyer

Introduction to Majors:

The Introduction to Majors video

For additional information, see Career Options and Advanced Study or the Online Bulletin.

Declaring Your Major in Communication Studies:

Students who wish to pursue a major in Communication Studies are required to file a major specialization form to be officially accepted into the Weissman School. All students are strongly advised to declare their major as soon as possible, as delaying will cause problems when applying for graduation.

If you wish to declare your major, the department requires you to attend a major declaration session, where a faculty member will advise you on what the current major requirements are and instruct you on how to complete the major specialization form.

Please contact our department (see below) to schedule you for the next available session.

Learn more about the program:

Contact the Department of Communication Studies at
Room VC8-240 or
646-312-3720 or

The City University of New York