This page provides information on COM 5010: Internship in Business and Public Communication. The course is required for majors in Business Comm/Corporate Comm and recommended for majors in Comm Studies. Students taking a second internship should enroll in COM 5011. All internships for credit (COM 5010, 5011) have to be approved by COM 5010/5011 faculty — BEFORE—accepting an internship offer.

See links below and to the right for information on eligibility and registration for the course.

Attend one of the regularly scheduled Internship information sessions one or two semesters before you plan to register for the course.

For assistance, contact

For tips on how to find an internship, please see Job and Internship Search Websites.

For information on graduate internships, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Guidelines for taking COM 5010:

The internship is one of the required courses* in the BA in Business Communication/Corporate Communication and an elective in the BA in Communication Studies**. In the BA in Corporate Communication, to be eligible for the Internship course you must have completed at least two of the required COM courses, one of the electives in the major, and the pre-requisite MGT and MKT courses. In the BA in Communication Studies, to be eligible for the Internship course you must have completed four courses: COM 1010, COM 2000, the required course that is related to your concentration (i.e., COM 3045 if your concentration is Rhetoric and Public Advocacy, COM 3057 if your concentration is Digital Communication and Culture, COM 3069 if your concentration is Intercultural and International Communication, COM 3077 if your concentration is Interpersonal and Group Communication), and one elective in your concentration.

Steps to Take:

  1. Attend an internship orientation session in the department one semester prior to your planned internship. Ask the department secretary for orientation session dates.
  2. Determine your Communication area of career interest; create a resume.
  3. Register with Baruch’s STARR Career Development Center.
  4. Verify your eligibility with the Department & request permission to register. For the COM 5010 course. 
  5. Contact potential internship sites—web resources, including Starr.
  6. Schedule and attend multiple interviews for potential internships: the internship must focus on Communication & relate to the major.
  7. Request approval for selected internship with the faculty member assigned to the section of the class in which you’re enrolled.
  8. Register through the department secretary (once approved, see Step 6).

* = Students who are employed full time and are waived from the course select an additional COM elective from the list of approved Cmajor electives.

** = The internship course is recommended for CS students: (1) It helps you get more out of the experience through assignments and reflections. (2) Many companies won't hire interns unless they are doing the internship for credit. By law, companies either need to pay you for your work, or you need to be enrolled in a “for-credit" internship course. So, not enrolling in the course can limit your opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information and frequently asked questions, see Internship FAQs.

Past interns have been placed at:

Vidicom/Apple Vision, Sony BMG Studios, WABC-TV, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, MTV, Comedy Central Cable Television, Nickelodeon, Miramax, Sandbox TV, Bazan Entertainment, Primetime Omnimedia, Dentsu Communications, Blueliner Marketing, Joseph Abboud PR, Italmode PR, Euro RSCG Magnet, PR 21, NY Times Syndication, Diversity Plus Magazine, Simon & Schuster Books, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, City Parks Foundation, Tyler Hall, Sesame Street Workshop, Children's Arts & Sciences Workshop, Accion NY, and Baddish Group, among others.

See full listing of past placements and current offerings at the department's "Corporate Communication" Blackboard site (search Organizations in BB).

See Career Options and Advanced Study  for information on communication careers, graduate and professional degrees, career development at Baruch, and links to career and internship websites.

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