Chase Interdisciplinary Seminars

Chase Seminars (IDC 1001/1002), endowed by Baruch alumna Professor Hedy Feit in honor of former Weissman Dean Myrna Chase, offer a unique experience to second semester freshmen who have participated in the Freshman Learning Community Program.  Each spring, two groups of students chosen from among the most promising participants in the previous fall’s Freshman Learning Communities receive invitations to register for these interdisciplinary team-taught courses that are designed on the model of the Feit Seminars.  Faculty who are selected to teach these seminars are distinguished professors who are committed to creating an excellent educational experience for students.

The seminars also extend the learning community experience, including opportunities for education outside of the classroom.  As in the learning community, professors may arrange co-curricular events, such as a play, a concert, an exhibit at a museum, or a visit to a restaurant. Participation in the seminar gives students the opportunity to become acquainted with some of the most interesting and gifted students at Baruch.  Moreover, students who maintain at least a 3.3 GPA and who obtain a letter of recommendation from their Chase Seminar faculty may apply to the Baruch College Honors Program as Provost’s Scholars.


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