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Public Affairs Program

Field Description

The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs focuses on the advocacy and analysis of public policy. It is designed for those seeking to have a positive impact on society. Students learn to formulate, implement, and evaluate creative solutions to challenging global, national, state, and local problems. The coursework examines how public and nonprofit organizations are involved in the policy process. Civic engagement skills are developed in economic and financial analysis, political negotiation, qualitative and quantitative methods, and rhetoric. Policy areas of interest include community development, education, the environment, healthcare, housing, and social welfare. The degree prepares students for employment in government, political campaigns, and the growing social activism of the nonprofit sector. An excellent foundation is provided for graduate-level education in communications, law, management, public administration, public policy, and urban planning.

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The Major

Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs

Core Courses       (18 Credits)
PAF 3010 Policy and Politics
3 credits
PAF 3015 Qualitative Studies of Communities 3 credits
PAF 3102 Economic Analysis of Public Policy 3 credits
PAF 3108 Public Campaigns and Advocacy 3 credits
PAF 3401 Quantitative Methods for Policy & Practice 3 credits
PAF 4401 Capstone 3 credits

Elective Courses:     (12 credits;  select four)
PAF 3005 Public Service in New York City 3 credits
PAF 3020 Ethics and Civic Engagement 3 credits
PAF 3040 Information and Society 3 credits
PAF 3103 Economics of the Public Sector 3 credits
PAF 3105 Principles of Survey Research 3 credits
PAF 3106 Public Opinion 3 credits
PAF 3201 Public Communication and Organizations 3 credits
PAF 3301 Models of Service Delivery 3 credits
PAF 3342 Cities and Sustainability 3 credits
PAF 3343 Building Cities: Markets and Government 3 credits
PAF 3375 Housing and Community Development 3 credits
PAF 3402 Policy Analysis 3 credits
PAF 3403 Advanced Statistical Analysis 3 credits
PAF 3442 The Environment, Political Choices, and Public Policy 3 credits
PAF 4199 Selected Topics 3 credits
PAF 5000 Independent Study 3 credits
PAF 5001 New York State Legislature Internship 3 credits
PAF 5452 Public Affairs Internship 3 credits

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The Minor

The School of Public Affairs offers a Tier III minor in Survey Research.
The minor is designed to provide undergraduate students from many disciplines with a basic introduction to survey research as a mode of inquiry, a rigorous datagathering process, a way of understanding mass opinion and its uses in a democracy, and the foundation of the research databases that inform other social science disciplines. Students will learn about the history and uses of surveys, study sound survey design, and design and implement their own survey.

The 9-credit minor includes two required courses:
PAF 3105 Principles of Survey Research
3 credits
PAF 4402 Survey Research Practicum
3 credits

The third course may be drawn from any of the following:
PAF 3015 Qualitative Studies of Communities 3 credits
PAF 3106 Public Opinion, Policy, and Management 3 credits
PAF 3401 Quantitative Methods for Policy and Practice 3 credits
MKT 3600 Marketing Research 3 credits
POL 3310 Political Opinion 3 credits
PSY 3056 Social Psychology 3 credits
SOC 4110 Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology 3 credits
SOC 4111 Social Statistics 3 credits

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