Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins

Asian and Asian American Studies

The Faculty

Program Co-coordinators: Carla Bellamy, Charlotte Brooks

Teaching Faculty:

  • Ervand Abrahamian (History)
  • Carla Bellamy (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Charlotte Brooks (History)
  • Eva Chou (English)
  • Kenneth Guest (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Marina Heung (English)
  • Veena T. Oldenburg (History),
  • Parmatma Saran (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Tansen Sen (History)
  • Ping Xu (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
  • John Yu (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)

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Field Description

The interdisciplinary concentration in Asian and Asian American studies introduces students to the methods and concerns of a wide spectrum of disciplines: anthropology, art history, history, linguistics, literature, political science, and sociology. Recognizing the importance of Asia in the international context and the impact of Asian American communities on U.S. society, Asian and Asian American studies prepares students to participate in an increasingly diverse and globalized society.

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The Major

Arts and Sciences Ad Hoc Major in Asian And Asian American Studies

Students can combine Asian and Asian American studies courses with other liberal arts disciplines as well as courses in international business to devise a unique arts and sciences ad hoc major. The arts and sciences ad hoc major requires 30–33 credits. The program must be approved by the Office of the Associate Dean, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. Students interested in including Asian and Asian American studies courses as part of an arts and sciences ad hoc major should contact Professor Carla Bellamy, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, at 646-312-4482 or carla.bellamy@baruch.cuny.edu or Professor Charlotte Brooks, Department of History, at 646-312-4340 or charlotte.brooks@baruch.cuny.edu.

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The Minor

The minor in Asian and Asian American studies is an interdisciplinary concentration offering the advanced study of Asian cultures and the histories and experiences of communities of Asian descent residing in the United States. This 9-credit minor is an ideal choice for students majoring in accounting, business, finance, management, or any discipline in the liberal arts. This minor is particularly recommended for students who are preparing for careers in education, law, business, social work, journalism, politics, and nonprofit organizations.

To fulfill the College-wide requirement for the Tier III minor with a concentration in Asian and Asian American studies, students are required to take two courses numbered 3000 and higher from the list below, and the capstone course in Asian and Asian American studies. In addition to fulfilling the 9-credit requirement, students interested in the Asian and Asian American studies minor are strongly advised to take at least one year of Chinese or Japanese language courses.

Required Courses

AAS 4900 Capstone Course: Critical Issues in Asian and Asian American Studies
3 credits
Choose two course numbered 3000 or higher from the following:
AAS 3080
A Survey of Asian History  (HIS 3080) 3 credits
AAS 3175 The Lives of Hinduism   (ANT 3175), (REL 3175), (SOC 3175) 3 credits
AAS 3345 Asian American History  (HIS 3345) 3 credits
AAS 3346 The Rise of Asia in World Affairs   (HIS 3346), (POL 3346) 3 credits
AAS 3820 History of Chinese Religion  (HIS 3820) 3 credits
AAS 3821 South Asian Religion  (REL 3821), (ANT 3821) 3 credits
AAS 3851 The Heritage of Chinese Civilization  (HIS 3851) 3 credits
AAS 3852 Modernization and Westernization in Asia  (HIS 3852) 3 credits
AAS 3853 The Emergence of Modern Japan  (HIS 3853) 3 credits
AAS 3854 China in Revolution  (HIS 3854) 3 credits
AAS 4010
Chinese Immigration in Global Perspective  (SOC 4010) 3 credits
AAS 4905
Language, Literature, and Culture of Japan  (LTT 4905) 3 credits
AAS 4906 Critical Approaches to Japanese Popular Culture  (CMP 4906)  
ANT 3113
Cultures and Peoples of India  (SOC 3113) 3 credits
ANT 3114 Cultures and Peoples of the South Pacific Islands  (SOC 3114) 3 credits
ART 3220 Islamic Art 3 credits
ART 3260 Asian Art 3 credits
ENG 3032 Ethnic Literature* 3 credits
ENG 3840 Literature and Philosophy of South Asia 3 credits
ENG 3950 Topics in Literature* 3 credits
HIS 3084 The Historical Search for the Prophet Mohammad 3 credits
HIS 3085 The Islamic Middle East and North Africa: 1622-1789 3 credits
HIS 3086 The Modern Middle East and North Africa 3 credits
HIS 3841 Ancient India 3 credits
HIS 3842 The Making of Modern India 3 credits
HIS 3851 The Heritage of Chinese Civilization 3 credits
HIS 3860 Topics in African, Asian, or Latin American History** 3 credits
MSC 3005 Music of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific 3 credits
POL 3365 Asian Political Systems

3 credits
REL 3540 The Tradition of Islam 3 credits
*Topics as relevant to the minor.
**Feit Seminar

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Language Courses
Students are strongly advised to take a sequence of courses in Japanese or Chinese in addition to the 9-credit minor requirement. Some language courses may be taken in arrangement with other CUNY campuses, abroad, or at a summer intensive-language program. Instruction in Chinese and Japanese is offered at Baruch in the following courses:

CHI 1001 Elementary Chinese I 3 credits
CHI 1002 Elementary Chinese II 3 credits
CHI 2001 Upper Elementary Chinese I 3 credits
CHI 2002 Upper Elementary Chinese II 3 credits
CHI 3001 Lower Intermediate Chinese 4 credits
CHI 3002 Upper Intermediate Chinese 4 credits
CHI 3005 Chinese for Heritage Students I 3 credits
CHI 3006 Chinese for Heritage Students II 3 credits
CHI 4181 Classical Chinese Literature I 3 credits
CHI 4182 Classical Chinese Literature II 3 credits
CHI 4501 Business Chinese I 3 credits
CHI 4502 Business Chinese II 3 credits
JPN 1001-1002 Elementary Japanese I and II 3 credits
JPN 3001 Intensive Intermediate Japanese I 3 credits
JPN 3002 Intensive Intermediate Japanese II 3 credits
JPN 4501 Japanese for Global Markets 3 credits

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