Kognito Solutions BCTC

Instructional Design and Development of Written and Interactive Content:
Kognito Interactive (Kognito is owned and managed by Baruch alumni)

Contributors and Reviewers:
Jane Davis (CUNY Legal Affairs), Arthur Downing (Assistant VP for Technology), John R. Dugan, Jr. (Legal Counsel for Baruch College), Eric Neubacher (Head of Access Services, Newman Library), Jason Belland (Instructional Multimedia Designer, BCTC)

The developers of this guide have drawn on a number of resources in connection with its preparation, among which are the U.S. Copyright Law,
Copyright Guidelines for CUNY Libraries, and public domain information available on the web site created and maintained by Georgia K. Harper of the University of Texas (http://www.utsystem.edu/ogc/intellectualproperty/cprtindx.htm).