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Communications and Marketing (OCMPA)

Public Relations and Government Affairs

Public Relations

The Office of Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs (OCMPA) is the official source and conduit for news and information on behalf of Baruch College. The office is the authorized link between the College and news outlets, serving as the initial contact for members of the media to ensure dissemination of accurate and approved messaging. OCMPA works to promote the College and the expertise and accomplishments of its students, faculty, and staff and to be a trustworthy resource to local, national, and international media.

Media Requests

The media relations team within OCMPA must review and approve any releases and pitches aimed at media outlets, and all media requests must be evaluated, cleared, and/or handled by the media staff. For assistance and information, please contact:

Government and Community Relations

OCMPA performs a variety of important functions on behalf of Baruch College and The City University of New York (CUNY). In partnership with the College’s president and senior leadership, the office is the primary liaison in advocating for Baruch and CUNY’s interests before the state legislature, the executive branch, the city council, the mayor's office, the federal government, and various other government entities. OCMPA also works to cultivate and develop ties with our local and citywide communities, including area residents, businesses, and our community board.

Through strong relationships with elected officials and other important policymakers, OCMPA ensures that the breadth of Baruch’s entire system is known and accessible. In this role, OCMPA seeks to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts in our activities and among all our stakeholders. The office also abides by all rules and regulations prescribed by New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Inviting Elected Officials and Candidates to Campus

Baruch College welcomes elected officials to campus as part our educational, civic, and cultural responsibilities to our students and the larger community.

For political candidates, CUNY policy stipulates that Baruch College facilities may be used in support of a forum that provides fair and impartial treatment of candidates for public office. The event cannot promote or advance one candidate over another. If a candidate is invited to discuss his or her platform, an equal opportunity must be provided to his or her opponent.

Candidates may use College facilities for political purposes, such as fundraisers or campaign events, provided the political organization or candidate is charged fair market value for the facility they use. This applies to all College constituencies, faculty, staff, students, and all College facilities.

As you consider any invitation to an elected official, or the use of Baruch facilities for candidates, please review CUNY's policy and coordinate with Eric Lugo, director of government and community relations.