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April 19, 2018

Baruch College Recognized as a 2018 Social Mobility Innovator by CollegeNET

For the second year in a row, CollegeNET named Baruch College a 2018 Social Mobility Innovator because the institution “offers low-income students substantial start-to-finish programming that supports them every step of the way—from matriculation to career placement. These services are critical because many Baruch students face significant challenges to college completion.”  

In the organization’s national announcement, Baruch’s President Mitchel B. Wallerstein discussed the importance of providing low-income students with access to an affordable education. “At a time when the gulf between the richest and poorest households in the country is widening, education must have a leading role in correcting this economic inequality. It is essential that higher education is made available at an affordable price to those who need it most.” 

CollegeNET’s announcement also highlighted Baruch undergraduates and alumni who praised the College’s nurturing educational environment, mentorship opportunities, and career services assistance programs that propelled them into their first jobs and beyond.

An Established Leader in Social Mobility

Baruch College is consistently acknowledged for its success in promoting social and economic mobility for its diverse student body.

  • For the third consecutive year, Baruch ranked #1 in 2017 out of more than 1,300 colleges nationwide in CollegeNET’s annual Social Mobility Index.
  • Also in 2017, researchers from Stanford, Brown, and Harvard universities used big data from the Equality of Opportunity Project to determine that Baruch was an engine of social mobility for its students.
  • The New York Times also recognized Baruch’s success in promoting social mobility in a series of articles that draw from the Equality of Opportunity Project datasets.