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Dean's Scholars


(below 12 credits)
Students will be allowed a "one-time" waiver to drop a course(s) and fall below full-time status. The student will sign a waiver that explains that the program will fund only one semester of part-time program during their 4-year program at the College.


Students on Dean's Scholars probation will be required to meet with Sarah Wagner or Lancia Yan to discuss both their current academic standing and create a plan to move the student toward compliance. Students who are unable (either because it is mathematically impossible, or they do not earn the necessary grades) to raise their GPA will lose their Dean's Scholarship. These students will have the opportunity to file an appeal requesting the scholarship be reinstated based on extenuating circumstances. Please note: filing an appeal application does NOT guarantee reinstatement of the Dean's Scholarship.


An appeals committee will review the cases of students who have not met the academic standards of the DS program for two consecutive semesters (thus removed from the program).


If the laptop is lost or stolen, the student must immediately notify Public Safety and the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management. Loss or theft of the laptop, must also be reported to NYPD and a police report must be filed. Please submit a completed Lost/Stolen Form and Police Report to the Vice President's office within 48 hours of the incident. Failure to secure and submit a police report may result in personal liability for replacement cost.