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The Center focuses on the mental health and well-being of the student body. The Counseling Center staff is made up of licensed psychologists, mental health professionals, resident psychiatrists, and we train doctoral interns in clinical, counseling, and school psychology. Our services are student-centered with a focus on the emotional, professional, and personal development of undergraduate and graduate students. All staff and interns have been trained to address a wide range of presenting issues and concerns, though we each have unique clinical interests and specialties. We provide the following free and confidential services:

Your initial contact with the Counseling Center will typically begin with an assessment, also referred to as a triage appointment, in which you and a counselor will discuss your reasons for seeking counseling services and establish goals for what you want to accomplish.  Your counselor will collaborate with a team of licensed psychologists to develop the most effective treatment plan to meet your needs.  This may include individual, psychiatric or group counseling within Counseling Services and/or coordinating a referral to on campus or local community resources.

Referrals are offered to students who present issues that would be better addressed with long term support or specialized services. We maintain a list of local psychologists, clinics, psychiatrists and mental health professionals with an array of treatment modes and specialties. Our counselors will help coordinate referral to accessible and affordable resources in the local community whose services are tailored to your needs. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to develop the most effective resources for their needs.

Counseling Services staff offers consultation services to faculty, staff, alumni, and students regarding the psychological welfare of a particular student, as well as more general mental health concerns. The consultation may provide you with information regarding how you can respond or intervene with the student(s), and if applicable, how to make a successful referral to counseling or other relevant resources.

Please note that the Center is bound by federal and local privacy and confidentiality laws. We can offer focused and attentive care and discuss your concerns and advise you on how to proceed, however, due to confidentiality our staff cannot reveal any information to you about a student (i.e., whether or not the student is actively engaged in counseling) unless the student has signed a Release of Information specifically giving us permission to share information with you. If you are looking for a Baruch staff member to reach out to a student, or for administrative staff to be aware of your concerns, email the Campus Intervention Team at or fill out an incident communication form.

Individual Psychotherapy
Counseling, also referred to as psychotherapy, is a clinical, collaborative relationship between a client and a psychotherapist that focuses on personal issues. Our counselors offer objective, non-invasive treatment and focused care. The Center provides a nurturing environment that allows you the freedom to explore your feelings with an objective, nonjudgmental, and skilled listener. Our counselors will help you to identify issues, establish personal goals, and develop coping and stress-reducing techniques that will not only provide a basis for mental health well-being, but will also provide you with the tools for making better decisions.

Group Therapy
Group therapy is designed for students who are looking for belonging and acceptance in an environment that is safe and supportive. It’s easier to confront personal issues that affect everyday life when you’re surrounded to a group of peers who share the same experiences. Working in a group setting promotes information sharing, provides positive feedback from peers, fosters hope in healing and boosts self-esteem and confidence. A common theme for group participants is the desire to change behavior, to take on a more positive outlook and to develop socialization skills. Go here for a list of current group therapy sessions.

Psychiatric Therapy
The Center employs two part-time psychiatric residents who are available to see students on an appointment basis. Currently, the psychiatrists are available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Psychiatric services are available for those students who may benefit from medication or a psychiatric evaluation in addition to counseling. If clinically indicated, students are referred to psychiatric services by the Center’s counseling staff. Students who wish to maintain psychiatric services or other medical services with other physicians are encouraged to convey an accurate medical history and coordinate services with other health professionals with their counselor.

Emergency and Crisis Intervention
BCCC provides walk-in crisis services to all Baruch College students. If a student is in crisis and needs to be seen that day, they can use our walk-in hours, 9:00am –3:00pm, Monday through Friday, and be seen by a counselor. Emergencies that occur between 3:00pm-5:00 are coordinated with the Dean of Students office and/or public safety. Students experiencing emergencies outside of business hours should go to the nearest hospital, call 911 or for 1-800-LIFENET anytime for non-emergent crises. Visit our Resource page for information on 24 hour emergency services.

Testing Evaluation
Psychological assessments that help determine treatment plans and accommodations for issues ranging from learning disabilities to testing anxiety.