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Counseling Center


Ask the person how they are, express your concern and care, listen to what they have to say, and demonstrate understanding
Refer the person to helpful resources and professionals who can help, such as the Baruch College Counseling Center (call at 646-312-2155)
Make a CIT (Campus Intervention Team) report for the student . This alerts qualified individuals of the student at risk in order to take any steps we can to ensure the student's safety and wellbeing! It is always better to report something that does not warrant concern than to not report something that perhaps we should be more concerned about. The bottom line is, if you have a feeling that something quite serious might be going with someone based on any of the signs of stress mentioned above, please do not hesitate in making a CIT report!
Call 911 or accompany the person to the nearest emergency room if they are suicidal
Take care of yourself as well! The counseling center staff is here to provide support for students regardless of the type or severity of concerns or stress