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Spring 2019

During the Spring 2019 semester, the Counseling Center will be offering 4 free therapy groups to support students in their personal and academic lives. All groups will be held in the Counseling Center at 137 E. 25th Street, 9th floor (due to construction, please use the entrance at 138 E. 26th Street).

Please contact us about any group you are interested in or would like more information about:

Talking with Others about Technology – day/time TBD
If you feel like you are spending too much time on your devices checking messages, social media, blogs/news feeds, watching video or playing video games, join our safe and non-judgmental space to help you make more sense of this part of your life. Max Seats: 6-8.
If interested, please contact Josh Weinstein at

Community Safe Harbor Group – Tuesdays at 3pm
These group meetings provide mutual support for individuals trying to change their relationship to addictive substances and addictive behaviors, such as drinking, smoking marijuana, and gambling. Helpful tools and information will also be exchanged and explored.
If interested, please contact Gavin Shafron at

Relationship to Self and Others Group – Thursdays at 1pm
This group provides a confidential space for students to discuss, explore, and receive feedback on their own interpersonal style in order to build confidence, alleviate social anxiety and loneliness, and foster a sense of connectedness with others. Through their experience in the group, students will have the opportunity to explore new ways of relating both within the group and in their lives.
If interested, please contact Joanna Rooney at

Life Paths Therapy Group – Tuesdays at 1pm
This group is for Baruch undergraduate and graduate students who are entering a new stage of their lives. This could be graduating and starting a career, or adjusting to now being at Baruch, or anything else in life that is changing your sense of you are and who you could be. This confidential setting is ideal for processing and understanding these life stage transitions with up to 9 other students and 2 facilitators from the Counseling Center staff.
If interested, please contact Tim Chi at

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