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Guidelines for Greek Clubs/Organizations at Baruch College

It is the mission of the Greek Life organizations at Baruch College to create a safe and respectful community for Baruch students to build relationships, develop and practice leadership skills, and set the bar for civic engagement and community service.

The Greek community is based on three foundational values:

  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Community

Students that participate in Greek life organizations and events will:

  • Have the opportunity to develop their leadership knowledge and skills through retreats, forums and campus-wide Greek programming
  • Increase awareness of social justice issues such as gender, race, sexuality, and health
  • Demonstrate commitment to civic engagement through intentional community service opportunities sponsored by Greek clubs
  • Enhance their understanding of what it means to be a responsible and respectful citizen of the Baruch College community.


The following are established guidelines in order to exist as a Greek lettered organization on the Baruch College campus.  For complete details stop by our office and meet with a Student Activities Advisor.

  • The Organization must submit a letter of support from a nationally recognized organization, or founding member (within the United States or abroad) verifying their eligibility.  Local organizations may submit letters of support from founding members.
  • The Organization must be registered with the Office of Student Life each academic year. 
  • The Organization must participate in New Membership Education if you are planning to pledge a class.
  • The Organization must maintain a good standing status.

As of August 2014 there will be no new member intake process until further notice.

Inter Greek Council (IGC) Expectations and Standards

The Inter Greek Council (IGC) is an elected representative student body that works closely with the Office of Student Life to establish a sense of community and unity among Greek Lettered Organizations and the broader Baruch community. The Inter Greek Council strives to promote Greek Life at Baruch College through the active participation of all of the Greek Lettered Organizations.

Download Anti-Hazing Agreement of Understanding for Greek Lettered Organizations
Download Cyber-bullying Statement

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