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All club descriptions are written by the clubs themselves.

No club description available at this time.

The purpose of INTERVARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is to establish and advance witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Lord. The nature of the club is to bring students to an understanding of Christ and instill love for Baruch students, faculty, and administration. One of the broad educational goals that IVCF promotes is preparing mature students who would transform the world of work and knowledge outside of the college. Some of our cultural and social aims include serving the community in urban renewal and social rehabilitation programs such as food drives and moral support for those less fortunate.

The INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT GROUP (IMG) is a student-managed simulated investment fund that specializes in long-short equity strategies. We provide our team members with technical knowledge, analytical framework, and leadership abilities via relevant work experiences in a performance driven environment. IMG seeks to develop a select group of top-performing, passionate, ambitious, and dedicated students that are interested in a career in financial services. Through our initiatives, we cultivate successful finance professionals that exceed the highest of employer expectations. For more information, you may visit our website at or reach out to us via email at

JAPAN CLUB is focused on providing significant opportunities for Baruch College students, Japanese and Non-Japanese students alike, with two focuses: The organization aims to aid Japanese students and those interested in working in Japanese companies or in fields dealing with Japan markets in communication and building relationships so as to assist them in the job-hunting process. Japan Club does this by organizing Career Forum Workshops, for those with business proficiency level in Japanese that are preparing to attend job interviews, networking receptions, or events such as Boston Career Forum. We organize Networking Events with various Japanese and American Companies, and collaborating with other organizations on campus holding events to assist in professional development. The organization is also aimed at promoting Japanese cultural-awareness. By utilizing our network with clubs on campus, other Japan Clubs in other Universities, outside Japanese organizations such as Japan Society and Resobox to our close ties with the Consulate General of Japan in New York, the organization strives to not only assist those who would like to gain work experience with companies related to Japan but also to provide opportunities to experience the beauty and depth of Japan and its people. Japan Club does this by organizing events such as: Japanese Conversation Classes (where students can practice Japanese at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level), Food Day events (dedicated to educating and celebrating the delicious beauty of Japanese cuisine), Travel Seminars (for those interested to traveling to Japan either to Study Abroad, gain fluency in Japanese, or enjoy its culture), and even a Japanese-American performing arts showcase ("West Meets East Matsuri") as well as many other events dedicated to celebrating its culture and authenticity.

JAPANESE ANIME ASYLUM introduces and promotes Japanese Animation to members who share a common interest in this style of animation and graphic design. We will use Japanese animation as a vehicle to introduce aspects of Japanese and popular culture, history and language to the Baruch community in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

No club description available at this time.

KOREAN CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST is a Christian club that helps college students to develop personal relationship with God and grow as disciples of Jesus. KCCC desires to make good news of Jesus known on campus and the world.
Facebook group: Baruch College KCCC

No club description available at this time.

The LATIN AMERICAN STUDENT ORGANIZATION strives to develop strong ties between Latino students in the Baruch community. We invite students to embrace the warmth and friendliness of our culture while learning and enjoying the company of others. L.A.S.O. will be helping this process by offering events, dinners, parties and other social gatherings.

LEXICON plans, organizes, and publishes the annual yearbook for Baruch College Seniors.
Visit Lexicon at
No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

MODEL UNITED NATIONS will help students get a better understanding of the present social, political and geographical situation in the world by engaging them in debating and challenging issues in today’s foreign politics.

The MPA CLUB is dedicated to building community among graduate students pursuing masters of public affairs degrees at Baruch College. The Club hosts social and professional networking events throughout the year. All current MPA students are welcome and encouraged to get involved. Receive club announcements by joining:

The purpose of the MS INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT ASSOCIATION is to enhance the learning experience of graduate students in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Masters program at Baruch College-CUNY. The organization designs and schedules a wide array of activities that will further development and growth of participants in the field of I/O Psychology.

No club description available at this time.

The MUSLIM STUDENTS ASSOCIATION aims to make Muslims and non-Muslims alike aware of the religion of Islam. It gives fellow Muslims a place to come and see other Muslims just like themselves. It also gives them a place to pray their obligatory prayers in a clean place. The club has no political aims but rather spiritual ones to enrich the lives of Muslims and non-Muslims. The club also has an opportunity to answer questions and many misconceptions about Islam to the public. This club promotes the idea of pursuing ones education to the fullest in a healthy way and being an asset to today's ever growing society.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK ACCOUNTANTS (NABA) is composed of five thousand members with one hundred and fifty active professional and student chapters in major urban areas and universities across the nation. NABA seeks to encourage and assist minority students who select and enter the financial management professions. NABA helps to develop and strengthen the skills of its members as well as providing opportunities to fulfill professional and community related responsibilities.

The NATIONAL SOCIETY OF LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS is a Leadership Society that helps people discover and achieve their goals. We are a community of leaders dedicated to creating lasting positive changes in people's lives, on and off campus. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nations leading presenters and a community where like-minded success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. NSLS's Baruch chapter is a newly founded leadership society with currently 300+ members in it's initial year. Mission: We build leaders who make a better world.

The main purpose of NYC HONG KONG CLUB is to increase the interaction among students through various activities. We also seek to provide a warm and educational environment for the new coming Hong Kong students. Our aim is to increase awareness and understanding of the social and cultural customs of Hong Kong.

No club description available at this time.

The PAKISTANI STUDENT ASSOCIATION aims to promote Pakistani culture and heritage and bring together the Pakistani community. We will expose our culture and beliefs to a more diverse audience, keeping in view the current developments of the world. We would like to show the world how we are a nation of peace, beautiful values and a rich heritage.

The role of PHI ETA SIGMA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is to give all Baruch students the competitive advantage. We create programs and events that are geared towards the success of Baruch students. We promote activities that compliment the academic experience with such events as resume reviews, internship workshops, and community service opportunities, as well as give students the opportunity to meet with professionals. We are working towards bringing the cultures of Baruch together through cultural events.

The PRE-LAW SOCIETY's mission is to provide a conduit to facilitate information to students interested in the law school application process. We seek in ourselves, and our fellow students a collective synergy through which we will strive to be the most informed and prepared law school applicants. We wish to instill in future Baruch students the values, ambition and fervor necessary to successfully and strategically endure the academic rigors of Baruch College in preparation for a legal education.

No club description available at this time.

PRSSA is a network of more than 11,000 college students interested in public relations, communication, and marketing. We connect you with resources and people to enhance your education, broaden your network and launch your career. Contact us at

No club description available at this time.

The ROLLER HOCKEY CLUB at Baruch College competes in the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association against many schools in the North East including Penn State, Rutgers, and Syracuse. Members in this club travel with the team to Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Long Island. Also members in the club who choose not to travel participate in on-campus meetings, practices located at 96th Street and First Avenue on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The experience and friendships that develop through this club are what makes it an unreal experience to be a part of. Outside of hockey, members receive an education that cannot be taught in a classroom. Managerial skills and leadership opportunities are spread across our players, from running our social media outlets, financing/budgeting/fundraising our equipment and road trips, scheduling practices and meetings, networking with the USG and ECRHA, recruiting, and all logistics that we manage. We look forward to seeing you!

The SEEK SOCIETY supports, enriches, enhances and provides an educational experience for all SEEK students. We advocate not only for the best interests of SEEK students, but on behalf of all CUNY students.

No club description available at this time.

SIGMA ALPHA DELTA is the oldest and most accomplished honor society at Baruch College, having meaningfully served the college and the community for over 70 years.  Our society is exclusive to Baruch and is not part of a national organization. The society is very active in service activities that benefit the college and the community at large. Additional information can be found on our website at

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

SOUTH ASIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION (SASA) is an organization in which different South Asian cultures (i.e Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.) can come together and learn more about each other's backgrounds. We organize everything from fundraisers and charities to formals and parties! Absolutely anyone is welcome to join and learn a little something about South Asians!

SOCA aims to enlighten the Baruch community on the Caribbean culture through social and educational events.

The STUDENT VETERANS ASSOCIATION (SVA) of Baruch College is dedicated to bridging the gap between student and veteran. This organization aims to provide professional resources and recreational events for veterans. The SVA also continues to serve its school and community with charity fundraisers, food drives, and community service events.

The SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS CLUB's Baruch College’s Net Impact Chapter, empowers a diverse community of leaders who use business to make a positive social, environmental, and economic impact on the world. The SBC values social, environmental and economic sustainability, innovative leadership, and purpose-driven careers. During the semester, the SBC organizes Coffee Chats Series with CSR Professionals and presents panel discussions in partnership with the Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity at Baruch College. Students have the opportunity to explore the various careers in sustainability, ask questions on career backgrounds, discuss job search tips, and more. The club envisions a campus and community that exemplifies both an awareness, knowledge and embracing of a sustainability lens within the private, public and government sectors.

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

No club description available at this time.

The MUSIC INDUSTRY CLUB's primary goal is to expose students to the various aspects of the music business from klezmer to African griots, from Miramax film scores to Apple downloads. Through discussions, seminars and networking events with executives and representatives from major music corporations throughout the New York area, the Association's mission is to help students find their vocation in this exciting industry. As The MIC grows it will serve as an important member-based association for the students to educate themselves and network during their college years and beyond. For more information, visit our website or email us at

THE RIGHT WINGS is a club that allows students at Baruch College to express their political ideas and opinions in a friendly environment. The Right Wings' mission is to encourage students on Baruch College's campus to promote political efficacy, to bolster a dialogue on fiscally conservative policies, work closely with elected officials to network career opportunities, and to ultimately assist students in finding their voices in a democracy as remarkable as that of United States. We are a recognized member of the New York Federation of College Republicans.

The TICKER  is the award-winning student newspaper of Baruch College. We report news pertinent and vital to Baruch students as well as features and entertainment. The TICKER  urges all those interested to drop in and join our staff and hopes that, whether you decide to join or not, you will read The TICKER  on a regular basis and maybe even drop us a letter. Please visit our website for more information.

Speaking in public has long been documented as many individuals' worst fear. Toastmasters International has helped millions of people overcome that fear, simply by teaching them the basics. The Baruch chapter of Toastmasters International offers members the opportunity to speak in front of a small group and be casually critiqued by others with the same anxieties and, of course, butterflies.

TRADERS CLUB is a club focused on helping students gain experience and knowledge of financial markets via trading simulations and trading seminars. We work on simulated cases of trading scenarios in different market conditions using applied mathematics. We compete against each other in simulations, as well as against other colleges in various intercollegiate competitions.

The TRANSFER STUDENT ORGANIZATION (TSO) was created with the mission of helping transfer students make the best out of their experience at Baruch. It was founded by undergraduates drawing from their experiences as transfer students and campus leaders. The organization strives to be renown on campus as a club truly dedicated to students through tangible efforts contributing to their professional, social, and academic success.

The Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College (USG) represents the undergraduate students at Baruch College. We are dedicated to making Baruch a better place for all of us. That means we work on a ton of great events, but also on student advocacy, facility improvements and policy advancements. Please visit for more information.

UNICEF at Baruch College chapter aims to organize students to facilitate the survival, protection, and development of children worldwide through education, advocacy and fundraising. UNICEF at Baruch Undergraduate Club started in September 2014 and was deemed an official club as of January 2015. Members of UNICEF Campus Initiative Clubs conduct campus-wide education, spread awareness and fundraise through events and activities to benefit UNICEF and the rest of the world's children. As a proud Campus Initiative Chapter for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, UNICEF at Baruch holds active membership from every school within the college. We meet 2-3 times per month, host at least 1-2 events per month and raises awareness to the children that die every day from preventable causes. We work for the survival, protection, and development of children in more than 190 countries and territories to help all children realize their full potential.

The UNITED CHINESE LANGUAGE ASSOCIATION of Baruch College strives to promote and educate students of the Chinese culture. The United Chinese Language Association embraces ancient tradition, modern culture, and, above all, the unifying power of the Chinese language. Through continued learning and collective teaching, we celebrate the Chinese language and the culture it nurtures. This celebration of culture rests on four pillars: Culture: We invite students of all backgrounds to celebrate these festivals and learn more about their meanings and rituals. Language Education: Join us while we explore conversational Mandarin without the stress of exams and the rigidity of a syllabus. Community: UCLA aims to make a difference in New York City. Recreation: We support each other and act as a family unit, building relationships through excursions, games, and laid-back afternoon conversations. We have made the commitment to be students and explorers of life, and we hope you will join us!

The purpose of the UNITED SIKH ASSOCIATION is to create awareness about the Sikh religion. We plan to promote Sikhs through religious events, community service, fundraisers, and helping out at the annual Sikh Day Parade. We plan to advance the Punjabi culture by organizing formals and forming a Bhangra (folk dance from Punjab) team.

The VIETNAMESE STUDENT ASSOCIATION at Baruch College seeks to promote cultural awareness, increase ethnic diversity, and provide a platform for students to foster a better understanding of the Vietnamese culture and heritage. We encourage students to explore different ethnic backgrounds to increase tolerance for diversity. This ultimately allows individuals to integrate and collaborate with people of different backgrounds.

The WALL STREET CLUB aims to educate Baruch students about various fields and careers in the financial industry. Our weekly meetings feature industry guest speakers, student presentations, and networking opportunities. It is an ideal place for students seeking to develop their knowledge of finance beyond their coursework. In addition, we offer workshops designed to give participants hands-on training within specific areas of finance. For more information about upcoming events, e-mail us at to be added to the mailing list. The Wall Street Club meets on Fridays at 6:00PM. Check us out at

The recently renovated WBMB, Baruch College Radio, is the student-run radio station. WBMB trains members in all facets of radio, including broadcasting, engineering, production, programming and other areas of the radio industry. WBMB serves the Baruch community by announcing activities and news concerning students, faculty and the college. Please visit our website for more information.

The WEST INDIAN CULTURAL CLUB is a workshop which was formed in 1974 to promote West Indian culture, not only at Baruch College, but on the North American continent. Our workshop consists of multi-talented students not only from the various West Indian islands but from other parts of the globe. However, our common goal remains -- to promote the West Indian culture and to bridge the gap that exists between other cultures and our own. We present to the Baruch community different aspects of the West Indian culture through various media: films, speakers, fashion shows, dance of the various islands, arts and crafts exhibitions. All are welcome to participate.

No club description available at this time.

WOMEN IN ISLAM is a club that will discuss the major topics in Islam pertaining to women.

No club description available at this time.

The ZICKLIN FORENSIC ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION brings forensic accounting professionals and recruiters to campus through events that are informative, intellectually stimulating, and engaging alternatives to meet-and-greet recruiting and networking events. Our objectives are to attract forensic accounting recruiters to campus and to educate Baruch students about forensic accounting opportunities and prepare them for the interview process. Please visit our website for more information at

With over 600 members, the ZICKLIN GRADUATE ACCOUNTING SOCIETY (ZGAS) is the largest graduate professional club at Baruch. Last year, over 1,900 students attended our events. Since our founding, we have helped launch thousands of successful accounting careers. We also provide a stimulating environment where students can learn more about the accounting profession, both from each other and from distinguished guest speakers. ZGAS co-sponsors information sessions with each of the Big Four accounting firms, as well as with many large and mid-size accounting firms. Our annual mid-size accounting career fairs and corporate accounting panels are extremely popular and well-regarded. For more information, please visit our website at

The ZICKLIN GRADUATE TAX SOCIETY is a Baruch College organization focused on promoting interest in tax law, providing educational events for enhancing knowledge, and creating networking events and presentations with taxation professionals. Throughout the school year, members of the Zicklin Tax Society will have several opportunities to interact with alumni in tax field as well as tax law faculty. Members also volunteer for preparing tax returns (VITA) to gain practical experience while they contribute to local society with their skills.

No club description available at this time.

The ZICKLIN WOMEN IN BUSINESS (ZWIB) club seeks to empower women in Zicklin's business programs with knowledge and strategies that will help them deal with the challenges they face in the business world. The club plans to present a variety of interactive events and networking parties for students, executives, and alumni. All graduate students are welcome to attend meetings and events.

No club description available at this time.

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