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Fall 2017

Most Undergraduate Clubs meet on Thursdays, 12:40pm to 2:20pm (Club Hours).
Most Graduate Clubs meet on Fridays, 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Utilize the following codes to better understand meeting times and dates:
T: Tuesday (12:40pm-2:20pm)
R: Thursday (12:40pm-2:20pm)
F: Friday (6pm-9pm)
*Meets biweekly

Encounters Magazine  
Lexicon Yearbook NVC 3-292
The Ticker Newspaper NVC 3-290
Undergraduate Student Government (USG) NVC 3-270
WBMB Radio NVC 3-280
Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) NVC 3-256


Absolute Adrenaline  
Blue Notes [R] NVC 3-145
Chit Chat Club  
E-Sports Association  
Environmental Cooperation Organization  
Gender, Love, and Sexuality Spectrum [R] NVC 4-225
Hack for Baruch [R] NVC 4-220
Japanese Anime Asylum [R] NVC 9-117
Lexington League  
National Society of Leadership and Success *[R] NVC 9-180
New York Music Industry Association [R] NVC 6-175
Photography Club  
Pre-Recorded Friday Nights [R] NVC 4-185
SEEK Society  
Student Veterans Association [R] NVC 4-211
The Art Club  
The Grid [T] NVC 4-120
Thespian Club [R] NVC 10-130
Transfer Student Organization [R] NVC 9-125


Circle K International [R] NVC 9-160
Colleges Against Cancer  
Difference Makers  
Rotaract Club  
She's the First *[R] NVC 10-165
UNICEF at Baruch [R] NVC 4-218


Archery Club  
Roller Hockey Club  
Soccer Club  


African Student Association at Baruch *[T] NVC 4-225
Albanian Club  
ASCEND [F] NVC 4-160
ASEDOM (Dominican Student Association)  
Association of Latino Professionals for America [R] NVC 13-135
Bangladesh Student Association [T] NVC 8-150
Black Student Union *[T] NVC 12-135
Caribbean Student Association  
Chinese Christian Fellowship [R] NVC 10-140
Ecuadorian Club  
eXchange Support  
Filipinos Uniting Students In Other Nations [R] NVC 11-165
Guinean Student Association at Baruch *[T] NVC 12-135
Hillel at Baruch [R] NVC 4-125
Hindu Student Association [T] NVC 4-220
International Student Organization [R] NVC 11-140
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship [R] NVC 9-155
Italian Culture Club  
Japan Club [R] NVC 4-175
Jewish Business Leaders [T] NVC 9-170
Korea Campus Crusade for Christ [R] NVC 9-116
Korean Student Association  
Latin American Student Organization [R] NVC 10-118
Le Club Français  
Muslim Business Association [R] NVC 12-155
Muslim Student Association [R] NVC 4-170
NYC Hong Kong Club [R] NVC 9-175
Organization of Soviet Students [T] NVC 3-120
Pakistani Student Association  
Polish Culture Club  
Socrates Hellenic Society  
South Asian Student Association [R] NVC 12-140
Student Organization for Caribbean Appreciation *[T] NVC 4-225
Taiwanese Student Association  
United Chinese Language Association [R] NVC 10-175
United Sikh Association  
Vietnamese Student Association [R] NVC 9-135
West Indian Culture Club [R] NVC 10-120
Women Improving Next Generation's Society  
Women In Islam [T] NVC 5-175
Youth Organization for Israel [R] NVC 4-190


Alpha Kappa Psi [F] NVC 3-160
Alpha Phi Omega [R] NVC 6-118
Beta Alpha Psi [R] NVC 12-116
Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society *[R] NVC 13-130
Delta Sigma Pi [F] NVC 4-125
Golden Key International Honour Society [R] NVC 9-145
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society  
Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society [F] NVC 3-125


Accounting Society [T] NVC 8-135
Actuarial Science Society [R] NVC 12-130
Advertising Design Society  
AIESEC [T] NVC 12-145
American Marketing Association [R] NVC 9-120
American Medical Women’s Association  
BioMed Society  
Collegiate Association of Women in Business [R] NVC 12-170
Consulting Club  
Conversation Partners *[R] NVC 13-130
FemCode [R] NVC 5-175
Finance & Economics Society [R] NVC 11-150
History Club  
Investment Management Group  
Marketers of Baruch *[F] NVC 4-218
Mathematics Society  
Mock Trial Association  
Model United Nations [F] NVC 4-175
National Association of Black Accountants *[T] NVC 10-126
Pre-Law Society [R] NVC 8-135
Public Relations Student Society of America [T] NVC 4-220
TAMID [R] NVC 8-150
Toastmasters International  
Traders Club  
Wall Street Club  
Women Empowered for Success  


College Democrats *[F] NVC 4-213
DREAM Team  
GirlUp Baruch  
The Right Wings [R] NVC 6-119


ASCEND National Association of Asian MBAs  
Chinese Students and Scholars Association *[R] NVC 9-180
Graduate Beta Alpha Psi  
Graduate Pride Society  
Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) NVC 3-256
Higher Education Administration Club *[F] NVC 4-218
MPA Club  
MS Industrial/Organizational Psychology Student Assoc.  
Sustainable Business Club  
Zicklin Forensic Accounting Association *[T] NVC 9-170
Zicklin Graduate Accounting Society  
Zicklin Graduate Tax Society  
Zicklin Investment Club *[F] NVC 4-165
Zicklin Marketing and Media Association  
Zicklin Women in Business *[R] NVC 10-165


CUNY Dreamers  
Coalition for Students W/Disabilities  
Black Male Initiative  


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