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How to Avoid Academic Dishonesty


  • Make sure you are aware what citation guidelines your professor expects. If it isn’t clear on the syllabus, ask!
  • Visit the Baruch Writing Center in NVC 8-185 for assistance with writing papers. Ask about utilizing sources and other aspects of the paper you are unsure about.
  • Attend a Writing Center Workshop on topics such as Reading and Interpretation, Structuring an Argument, and Writing with Research.
  • Talk with a Library staff member regarding your assignment.
  • Meet with your professor during his/her office hours to discuss the paper.
  • Manage your time effectively so you are not rushing to finish an assignment right before the deadline. You are more likely to cut corners or not properly cite sources when you are rushing.
  • If for any reason you are unable to make a deadline, ask the instructor for an extension.

Group Projects

  • Make sure you are aware how the professor expects you to collaborate on the assignment, how to credit each group member, and how to turn in the work.
  • Discuss with your group members how you will share responsibilities for the work. Write down an agreement that outlines what each person’s contributions will be before you start the assignment.
  • Follow up with your group members who are not participating and attempt to resolve any outstanding work or disagreements directly with your group members.
  • If you are unsuccessful with any of these approaches, talk with your professor about the difficulty you are experiencing with your group. Ask the professor for suggestions on how to handle the situation.


  • Make sure you are aware what resources or sources your professor believes are appropriate during a test.  Some things to consider are:
    • Calculators- are they permitted? Only certain ones?
    • Notes- are they permitted? If so, what specifically is allowed?
  • If you have a question regarding something on the test, always ask a professor or proctor instead of a peer. That will help you avoid any question about intent to cheat.
  • Always sit in your assigned seat if you have one.
  • Maintain distance from others around you when taking a test.
  • Use your arm or body to hide your work from others who may try to see it.
  • Never pass papers, switch examinations, or change seats before, during, or after an exam.
  • Always turn in your work as soon as you are finished.  Don’t ask to change an answer or look over something you have already turned in.