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General Contact Information

Phone: 646-312-4298



STEP Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a student become a part of the STEP Program?
Complete an application and return it to the STEP Office. Applicants must meet all guidelines and requirements before being admitted to the program.

How much does the STEP Academy cost?
The STEP Academy is a free program for qualified New York students enrolled in grades 7 -12

Can I attend part-time or selective Saturdays?
No. All students must commit to attending the full program. (All scheduled Saturdays for Spring/Fall and/or four full weeks during the summer)

Will I receive a Baruch College I.D. card?
Yes. All STEP Academy students are issued a Baruch College I.D. card.

Does STEP Academy provide textbooks?
Yes. The STEP Academy loans students the required textbooks and calculators for the duration of the program.

Is the STEP Academy only eligible for public school students?
No, the program accepts students from public schools but also from private and Catholic schools as well.

What is the 10 digit number NYSSIS ID# mentioned on the application? The New York State Student Identification System id number is a unique indentifier for students in opportunity programs in New York State. More information about the NYSSIS ID # can be found here: New York State Student Identification System

Who can I contact if I have other questions?
Please feel free to call Brian Kane, Director of STEP Academy, at 646-312-4298 or by email at