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Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC)

Tutorial Services

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General Information

SACC provides tutoring in most undergraduate courses and offers instructional support materials such as videos, software, reference books, and handouts to help you with course content, study skills, and learning strategies. Except for Presentation Skills Tutorial services, for which SACC provides assistance to all students, students must be enrolled in a course that corresponds to the tutorial session that they register for. 

SACC Tutors can help you:

  • learn how to approach an unknown subject
  • use your study time more effectively and get more out of your study sessions
  • organize your notes
  • achieve higher grades if you participate regularly

Tutors do not offer quick fixes by completing a student’s homework, quizzes, or take home tests. Instead they show students how to become independent learners.

SACC offers:

One-to-one tutoring

Students can schedule appointments online or walk in during our regular operating hours. One-to-one tutoring allows students to receive personalized feedback in a positive environment from a tutor who specializes in the student’s subject. Students can feel at ease and work at their own pace. One-to-one sessions are available for Presentation Skills / COM 1010 and special intervention programs.

Group tutoring

Collaborative learning is a highly effective method of learning. In a supportive setting small groups of students meet regularly throughout the semester to discuss and share course material and look for ways to benefit from each group member’s perspective and strengths. SACC will allocate you to a group and for the first few weeks a tutor will be on hand at the group meetings to help you learn how to work most constructively in this setting.


SACC holds workshops each semester to help students with all levels and forms of academic support. Workshops are designed to help you prepare for midterms and finals.


All appointments should be made online (if available) in advance. Maximum number of appointments:

  •           Mathematics: 3 hours per day / 6 hours per week
  •           Business: 3 hours per day / 6 hours per week
  •           SAM Software: 3 hours per day / 3 hours per week
  •           Modern Languages: 3 hours per day / 3 hours per week
  •           Presentation Skills / COM 1010: 3 hours per day / 3 hours per week
  •           Science: 3 hours per day / 6 hours per week

Please note, these maximums apply per course.  If you are taking more than one course in one of these areas, see front desk if you encounter issues registering for your appointment.

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SACC offers tutoring in many areas of business principles and concepts, including classes in Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Statistics, and more. Below are some topics we can help you with:

  • Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator. Time value of money. Principles of valuation and risk. Financial securities and markets. Capital budgeting analysis.
  • Accounting cycle. Preparation and analysis of financial statements.
  • Cost-volume-profit planning. Capital budgeting. Product cost.
  • Accounting for assets, current, and long-term debt. Analysis of the balance sheet and income statement.
  • Descriptive statistics. Charts. Regression. Inferential statistics.
  • Theory of pricing and distribution. Government intervention in the market. Free enterprise vs. existing economic systems.
  • Impact of government spending, taxation, and monetary policy.
  • Multiple regression analysis. Application of regression techniques to problems in finance and economics.

If you are puzzled by any of these, rest assured that you are not alone. SACC's experienced business tutors are patient, courteous and can assist you in understanding all course-related concepts. Below is a list of the Business courses for which tutoring is available at SACC:

  • ACC 2101 / 2203 / 3000 / 3100 / 3200 / 4100
  • BUS 1011
  • CIS 2200 / 2300 / 3100 / 3120 / 3400 / 3920
  • ECO 1001 / 1002 / 3100 / 4000 / 4100
  • FIN 3000 / 3610 / 3700 / 4610 / 4710
  • LAW 1101
  • MTH 3300
  • PHI 1500
  • STA 2000

SACC also provides tutorial services to students completing SAM Software Projects.

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Presentation Skills Tutorials (also known as COM 1010 tutoring)

SACC provides Presentation Skills Tutorial assistance to all students, regardless of which course the assignment is for. Because many of these skills are transferable to COM 1010 courses in particular, we certainly welcome students currently enrolled in COM 1010 to make regular appointments throughout the semester. Our tutors can help you develop your presentation skills for any course or presentation assignment, and can cover topics such as outline preparation, speech organization, eye contact, attention step, body language and gestures, and overall confidence.

For more advanced help specific to pronunciation and intelligibility, please visit the Tools for Clear Speech website.

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Tutoring Workshop Session with Students


SACC provides tutoring and workshops in most undergraduate Math courses. Below is a list of the Math courses for which tutoring is available at SACC:

  • MTH 1023 - Intermediate and College Algebra 
  • MTH 1030 - College Algebra
  • MTH 2003 - Precalculus and Elements of Calculus
  • MTH 2205 - Applied Calculus
  • MTH 2207 - Applied Calculus and Matrix Algebra
  • MTH 2610 - Calculus I
  • MTH 3006 - Integral Calculus
  • MTH 3010 - Calculus II
  • MTH 3020 - Intermediate Calculus 
  • MTH 3030 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 
  • MTH 3050 - Multi-variable and Vector Calculus 
  • MTH 4100 - Linear Algebra and Matrix Methods
  • MTH 4120 - Introduction to Probability 
  • MTH 4410 - Theory of Interest 

It is encouraged that students interested in attending tutoring sessions/workshops have questions and topics ready to be discussed.

Please click on the Workshop link to find the available days and times. Final review workshops will also be posted as the semester gets closer to finals.

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Modern Languages

SACC currently provides tutoring services for the following courses:

  • Chinese 1001 / 1002 / 2002 / 3001 / 3002
  • French 1002 / 3001 / 3002
  • Hebrew 4000
  • Italian 1001 / 1002 / 3001
  • Japanese 1001 / 1002
  • Spanish 1001 / 1002 / 2009 / 3001 / 3006

Our tutors can assist you with all aspects of the learning process, such as pronunciation, grammar rules, reading comprehension, and writing. All of our tutors are either native, or highly proficient speakers of the languages that they tutor. Please see our online schedule to make an appointment, or visit the front desk for more info.

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Tutoring in Natural Sciences covers classes for non-Science majors, as well as basic and advanced science classes. Science tutors are students who have excelled in Science and have received A’s in the courses they tutor. They can help you with questions pertaining to both lecture and lab, covering general concepts and specific questions as needed.  Below is a list of the Science courses for which tutoring is available at SACC:

  • Biology 1011 / 1012 / 2010 / 3001
  • Chemistry 1003 / 1004 / 2003 / 3001 / 3003 / 3006 / 4900
  • Physics 2001 / 2002 / 2003

SACC provides tutoring services in the following courses as well:

  • Public Affairs 1250
  • Philosophy 1500
  • Psychology 2100

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