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Office of the Registrar

3 Repeat policy

Baruch College implemented a 3 Repeat policy in the fall of 2009, restricting students to a maximum of three registrations for any single course.  This means three registrations regardless of the grade the student has achieved, including grades of W, WU, WN, PEN, FIN, FAB, FPN, and F.  Because this policy was not strictly enforced in all disciplines during the first term of its inception, some students might have already taken courses three times or more.
Appeals: Student who wishes to take ANY course for the fourth time (either at Baruch or on permit) must appeal to the appropriate Committee on Academic Standing (either the Joint Committee for students not yet in an official major, or the Committee on Academic Standing of the School in which the student is majoring).   
Rate-of-Progress Probation and Dismissal Policies:   There are certain courses that are required for ANY Bachelor’s degree at Baruch College.   These are ENG 2100, ENG 2150, and COM 1010, PSY 1001 and, minimally, a 2000- level MATH course (and/or any H or T version of those courses). Students who take one of the aforementioned courses for the second time will be placed on rate of progress probation and should see an academic advisor as soon as possible. Failure to complete the course(s) in question on the third attempt will result in dismissal from the college.
Base-level calculus courses:  The policy on repeating courses covers ANY or ALL base-level calculus courses (MTH 2205, 2207, or 2610), e.g., one course taken three times, each course taken once, or a one-and-two combination. All combinations will be treated identically as three attempts.

Pre-business courses: Students who fail to complete one or more of the Zicklin pre-business courses (ACC 2101, CIS 2200, ECO 1001 and 1002, LAW 1101, MTH 2205/2207/2610, and STA 2000) are encouraged to see an academic advisor to discuss their options.