Sustainability Courses & Events in NYC

A Leader in Sustainability Education

Recognizing that environmental sustainability is both an increasingly urgent goal and a growing business opportunity, the Newman Real Estate Institute has positioned itself as a key player in sustainability education and research.

Our Professional Education Programs include a Certificate in Green Principles, and sustainability content is integrated into our Certificate Programs in Construction and Facilities Management. Sustainability is also a focus of select research reports.

Certificates and Courses in Sustainability


Under the guidance of a leading sustainability educator, and based on a thorough review of industry needs, we developed a comprehensive approach to sustainability education for the real estate industry. The result is a new Certificate Program in Green Principles. With funding from EPA Region 2, we also integrated more sustainability content into existing courses and our website. Our custom workshops, tailored to clients’ training needs, can deliver courses on sustainability at their sites.

Together, these initiatives constitute a valuable resource to the industry.

Sustainability Shoptalk Series

We design our Sustainability Shoptalk Series to help accelerate the massive knowledge transfer needed to make sustainability the norm for the real estate industry in the New York metro area. At Shoptalk events, leading practitioners share their expertise with a wide audience, helping to advance the region’s sustainability agenda.