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Building Performance Toolkit


About the toolkit

Building operators, building managers, property owners, and other real estate professionals can use this toolkit as a guide to reducing energy costs and consumption. This information is primarily geared toward large commercial property owners in New York City, but can also be helpful to other sustainability professionals.

Through the toolkit, industry professionals now have an easy access point to a large collection of information about sustainable building practices. In addition to explaining industry terms, this site links to useful tools and resources from local and federal organizations. The Toolkit serves as a hub for these resources and makes this information easily accessible to building professionals. As new energy regulations and programs develop, the Toolkit will be updated to reflect those changes.

Building professionals who use the toolkit will find several ways to save on energy costs. The toolkit contains a guide to building performance, broken down into different building systems. The guide details savings opportunities through modifications in energy use, water use, illumination, indoor air quality, and more. The toolkit also lists financial incentives and programs which can greatly benefit building owners making decisions about energy retrofits.

How to benefit from energy efficiency

Commercial property owners in New York City can greatly benefit from improving the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Rent and sell successfully.

Owners can market green buildings as prime real estate. They can successfully rent and sell at higher price points and decrease their vacancy percentages. Evidence of environmental and social responsibility will increase both a building's and an owner's appeal to potential business partners. Owners will also benefit from improved public relations with their communities.

It's the law.

In 2009, NYC passed the Greener Greater Buildings Plan. The plan created a city energy code which includes energy usage and efficiency standards. Benchmarking and energy audits will be required for large commercial spaces. Starting in 2011, owners will be required to comply with these new laws or face penalties. Learn more about NYC's energy laws.

Save energy, save money.

Property owners can benefit financially by making improvements earlier than the legally required dates. Instead of waiting for the implementation deadline, owners can accumulate years' worth of savings in energy costs by systematically implementing them earlier.

Get LEED certified.

LEED certification can be earned for existing buildings with energy-efficient operations and maintenance (EBOM). LEED, a rating system regulated by the U.S. Green Building Council, is nationally recognized and will give a property owner positive publicity. This designation makes a building attractive to potential tenants and buyers.