2020 Roundtable

Recommended Reading & Viewing

We offer here an initial sampling of items germane to the real estate industry and urban policy, or simply worth sharing for their own merits.

Over time we’ll be expanding and refreshing these selections. Candidate material includes news articles, feature stories, opinion pieces, thought pieces, essays, backgrounders, notable quotations, photographs, graphics, cartoons, YouTube videos — that is, anything, in any form, that we deem of particular interest, or just plain entertaining.

Your suggestions for postings are welcome. Please submit them to the NREI Director’s corner by emailing: sara.hilskataylor@baruch.cuny.edu

Note: Content about sustainability is posted on our Sustainability “News & Resources “ web pages.


Quotes to ponder:


“We will learn an enormous amount in a very short time, quite a bit in the medium term, and absolutely nothing in the long term.”
Investor Jeremy Grantham, quoted in an article about the financial markets’ meltdown in The Atlantic

“Look, we're good at deep.’ We have Nobel Laureates drilling down into esoteric topics. But what if there are problems that aren't solved by deep, but broad? We should have a side bet in broad."
David Kelly, founder of a new design school at Stanford, quoted (within a quote) in an article about him in Fast Company magazine. 


Publications: news, analysis, and data


Crain's New York
This business publication’s wide coverage includes the real estate industry. Its informative web site includes Real Estate Insider. Its City Facts pages present data on the industry. Its daily email news alerts are free.

Gotham Gazette
This publication covers a comprehensive set of issues facing New York City. Sustainability is just one of many. Its daily email newsletter is free.

Real Estate Weekly
Essential reading.

The Real Deal
Hard-core real estate industry news and analysis.

The Stoler Report
Multimedia coverage of the Tri-State market, including interviews with industry leaders.