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Procurement Services

Basic Purchasing Procedures


To delineate appropriate steps required for the acquisition of goods and services, including requisition preparation, funds approval, issuance of purchase orders, payments to suppliers, and follow-up inquiries.

All general policies related to procurement at Baruch College are consistent with official policies mandated by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York and are also in compliance with official policies mandated by the State of New York Comptroller’s Office. For assistance with online access contact the Director of Purchasing via e-mail: or by phone: 646-660-6154


  1. Deans, Department chairs, Directors, and Managers are responsible for prudently requesting those supplies, services or equipment needed for effective operation.
  2. The procurement process must begin by completing the College’s official purchase requisition:
    • An electronic requisition must be entered online through the Colleges Electronic Purchasing System (EPS) for each procurement to be paid from tax-levy funds
    • A manual (paper) requisition must be filled out for all procurements to be paid from non-tax levy (private) funds. Each purchase requisition is to be limited to those commodities which are similar in nature, and which are presumably available from one vendor.
  3. A purchase requisition must be filled out in advance of all commitments of expenditures with the exception of (1)Travel reimbursement requests, (2) Postage and mailing requests.
  4. Determination of funds available from the Budget Office must precede any initiation of a purchase requisition.
  5. Deans, Department chairs, Directors and Managers have no authorization to procure goods and services or enter into contractual relationships with any vendor. Vendors who contact employees of the College directly should be advised that all purchases chargeable to the College must be authorized by an official purchase order, signed by the Director of Purchasing or his designee.


  1. Computer Hardware and Software procurement requires specification approval by the Baruch College Technology Center, which should be involved in the preparation of technology-related acquisitions at the earliest possible stages of specification determination.   No requisitions for computer-related hardware or software will be acted upon by the Purchasing Department until approved by the BCTC.
  2. Furniture acquisition requires review and approval of the Department of Campus Facilities, which should be consulted before requisitions for furniture are prepared.   No requisitions for furnishings will be processed by the Purchasing Department without approval of Campus Facilities.
  3. Capital Improvements and/or any acquisitions involving renovation, repairs to facilities, interior or exterior improvements to facilities require initial consultation with Campus Facilities, which must approve any requisitions related to such improvements.
  4. Emergency Purchases require a declaration of emergency initiated by the Vice President for Administration and Facilities. State- and University-wide policy recognizes states of emergency in only the rarest of circumstances, and declarations of emergency usually require the Vice President’s consultation with the University’s Office of Legal Affairs.





Obtain the approximate price of items or services desired by reviewing past purchases, consulting catalogues, reviewing requirements with prospective vendors for a preliminary cost estimate only, or contacting the Purchasing Department via email (preferably) or telephone.


Prepare acquisition electronic purchase requisition or a manual requisition as appropriate


Forward electronically for review and budget approval


Review the requisition for compliance with approval requirements, accuracy and completeness.


Determine appropriate procurement procedure to be followed and assign the requisition to a purchasing agent.   The purchasing agent determines whether a State of New York, Board of Education, or other existing contract may be used for the acquisition, or if bidding is required.   Mandated procedures are followed and a purchase order is issued.


Forward a copy of the purchase order to (1) the requisitioner, (2) the Budget Office, (3) Receiving and Stores, (4) Accounts Payable, and the (5) the Property Manager



Immediately review the purchase order once issued, checking it against the retained copy of the requisition, ensuring accuracy of detail, consistency with expected impact on the departmental budget, and all other relevant information.   Contact the Purchasing Department immediately if cancellation or modification is required.


Upon receiving supplies and/or equipment, whether delivered through Receiving and Stores or by direct shipment from the vendor, sign the appropriate receiving documents, authorizing payment through the Accounts Payable Department.