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S. Prakash Sethi

S. Prakash SethiS. Prakash Sethi, University Distinguished Professor of Management in the Zicklin School of Business, is a seasoned expert in the field of international business and is available to comment on:

 — Dynamics of competition, industry structure, and corporate strategy
 — Globalization, corporate strategy, and sustainable business practices
 — Voluntary codes of conduct (creation, implementation, and monitoring)
 — Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Professor Sethi has conducted extensive field work on issues relating to corporate social responsibility, sustainable business practices, human rights, and business ethics as an integral part of corporate strategy and operating policies.  Countries involved include, among others, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Rumania, Russia, and South Africa.

He has authored, co-authored and edited 25 books and more than130 articles in scholarly, professional, and practitioner journals.  In addition, he has also written for and appeared in various national and international news media including: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNN, NPR, BNN-Toronto, CBC (Canada)., among others.

He is the creator of CSR-S Monitor, which is a first of its kind index that analyzes corporate social responsibility-Sustainability Reports of large corporations from around the world.  The Monitor provides objective comparative analysis of more than 500 corporate reports.

Dr. Sethi received his MBA and PhD, both from Columbia University.



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