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Richard D. Holowczak

Richard D. HolowczakRichard D. Holowczak, is an associate professor of Computer Information Systems, and director of the Bert W. and Sandra Wasserman Trading Floor and Subotnick Financial Services Center, located at Baruch College.

He is available to comment on:

— Financial Information Systems and Trading Systems

— Database Management Systems

— Electronic Commerce/Electronic Government

—  Geographic Information Systems

 He has published articles in book and journals, including “Real Time Foreign Exchange Data Modeling in International Economics and Finance,” in The Journal of Financial Education (2007); “Using Professional Data Services in an Introductory Macroeconomics Course: A Critical Thinking Approach” (co-written with Lewis Liu, and Joseph Onochie) The Journal of the Academy of Business Education (2007); and “Price Discovery in the U.S. Stock and Stock Options Market: A Portfolio Approach,” (co-written with Yousef Simaan and Liuren Wu), for the Review of Derivatives Research. Volume 9, Issue 1, 2006. (pg, 37-65).

Holowczak earned a B.S. from The College of New Jersey; an M.B.A. from Rutgers University; and M.S. from the New Jersey Institute of Technology; and a Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems from Rutgers University.

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