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John Goering

GuestJohn Goering is a professor with the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs and also teaches in the Political Science PhD Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Professor Goering is an expert in social policy.

His research covers urban, housing and neighborhood development, and race and ethnic issues. He is available to comment on:

  • Housing discrimination and segregation
  • Federal housing policies
  • Impacts of housing program on human behavior; neighborhood effects
  • New York land use, zoning and real estate development trends

Professor Goering is the author of more than 60 articles and book-length studies and has written several books, including “Moving to Opportunity: An American Story of Fighting Ghetto Poverty” (Oxford University Press, 2010) which he co-authored. He has also served on editorial boards for the Urban Affairs Review, New Community, Housing Studies, and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. His article summarizing research on the MTO (Moving to Opportunity) experiment was published in Journal of Housing Research, and a policy-focused assessment of MTO was later published in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Economic Policy Review.

In addition to his academic endeavors, research, and lecturing throughout the United States and Europe, Professor Goering has been active in policy research and consulting. For the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), he directed evaluation and research on housing, neighborhood change and civil rights issues. He has also worked on staff for the Clinton White House Initiative on Race, and has served on the Board of Advisors for the Open Housing Center for New York City and on committees for the American Sociological Association.

Professor Goering received his PhD from Brown University in Sociology and Demography.


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