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Office of Testing and Evaluation

Student Course and Faculty Evaluations - Faculty Memo - Spring 2019

This is a copy of a memo sent on February 23, 2019 to the members of the Baruch College Faculty

Members of the Faculty
The Office of Testing and Evaluation
February 23, 2019
Student Course and Faculty Evaluations

The Student Course and Faculty Evaluation period for your Spring 2019 course(s) can be found on the attached Evaluation Period Schedule

If an evaluation period listed occurs after the last day of instruction for your class, please email so that we can make modifications.

Over the last few semesters, the College has averaged around 50% student participation in the Student Course and Faculty Evaluation process. While this is higher than the reported national average for on-line evaluations; the College would like to do better.

In order to generate the best participation rate possible, it would be helpful if you could set aside five minutes during a class to speak with your students about the online course evaluation process.

Here are a few faculty recommended talking points you may wish to use when you are speaking with your students:

  • Student Course and Faculty Evaluations are anonymous and confidential. Baruch College Faculty and Staff are not able to see an individual student's response. All results are returned only in aggregate.
  • Students should be honest as their feedbac cannot influence the grade in your class. Instructors will not have access to this semester's evaluations until after final grades have been released.
  • The evaluation process takes less than five minutes, an email will be send to them when the evaluation period is opened or they can go to to access the system.
  • You (and other instructors) actually use the student's feedback from past course evaluations. You may want to give some examples. (For example: 'Last semester the evaluations commented on the timing of the project, and that is why this term I have adjusted when the project was done')
  • Students are able to access evaluation results via the Your Input Matters! Student Course and Faculty Evaluation website ( which are posted 6 - 8 weeks after the semester.

You can have your students complete the evaluation during class time. If you would like your students to complete the evaluation during class time, here are a few suggestions on how to facilitate this.

  • Let your students know that you plan to do the evaluations during a specific class and that they should bering their smart phone, tablet or laptop. (Devices are available for loan from the Library and Technology Loan Kiosks)
  • They can use the personalized link for the evaluation that was sent to each student's BaruchMail email account, or they can go to to log in to the Evaluation System. (You might want to write this on the board or distribute copies of the attached flyer.)
  • The students' login information is the same username and password that they use to access campus computers and Wi-Fi. (If you have students on permit or who do not know their Baruch College username, password or email address please direct them to the Baruch Username webpage to lookup their credentials.)

Please note: if you are administering the evaluations in class, you must step outside the classroom for the designated period (roughly 15 minutes). The recommended best practice is to set aside 15 minutes within the class session, making it clear that you intend to continue with the class after the evaluation session ends.

Going over this information at the start of the evaluation period will set the stage for a higher response rate in your class and for Baruch College as a whole.

Answers to many common questions can be found in the Quick Guides on the Your Input Matters! Student Course and Faculty Evaluation website ( or by using the Your Input Matters! Online Support System (

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Gary Hotko in the Office of Testing and Evaluation (NVC Room 5-223), via phone (646) 312-4308 or via email (

Thank you