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Uniquely New York City (NYC)


New York City (NYC)
Macy's July 4th Fireworks Display

July 4th Fireworks
Photo Credit: NY Daily News
The 2019 Fireworks display will be located on TBA.
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Every 4th of July, beginning around 9 pm, the skies around NYC explode with the most magnificent display of color and creativity. Many believe that the 4th of July fireworks display sponsored by Macy’s is one of the biggest and best in the U.S. Since 1958, when the pyrotechnic extravaganza made its debut on the Hudson River, NYC has dazzled our nation with its patriotic spirit. In 1976, the East River became the new venue for the annual celebration.

The half hour show takes over a year to create: from soundtrack to perfectly timed color explosions that brighten up the sky, everything is tuned up and synchronized to perfection. Four to six barges stationed between 23rd and 42nd Streets on the East River set off over 30,000 shells and special effects. The New York Fire Department is also part of the celebration by shooting red, clear and blue water some 300 feet into the air from fire boats stationed in the river.

In 2009, the 4th of July Fireworks were held once again in the Hudson River to mark the 400th anniversary of the exploration of the river by Henry Hudson. In 2012, the fireworks display returned to the Hudson River for a 26-minute display set off from six barges positioned between 18th and 43rd Streets. This expansion provided for greater visibility of the show for millions more spectators.


Some fun facts about the Macy's July 4th Fireworks:

  • The fireworks display is comprised of more than 30,000 shells, which translates to over 1,000 shells bursting per minute.

  • Shells are precisely timed to fire to the beat of the music. This is controlled via a computer with 10 miles of wire necessary for synchronization.

  • Each aerial shell is individually launched from its own mortar. This translates to 63,000 feet of pipe made of steel and fiberglass for the 30,000 shells.

  • The entire Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks uses 55 times more fireworks than the average show in the United States.

  • Currently, the fireworks display is televised nationally on the NBC networks.
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