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New York City (NYC)
Ethnic and Foreign Language Newspapers


NYC is a melting pot of many languages and cultural diversity. We have compiled a listing of the most common and widely distributed ethnic and foreign newspapers in the area. In addition, each listing includes a direct link to the newspaper's website for updated information.

  Bangladeshi Bangla Weekly Parichoy discontinued  
  Weekly Bangalee weekly  
Black Star News weekly  
  Amsterdam News weekly  
  Culvert Chronicles discontinued  
  Harlem Community News weekly  
  The Network Journal monthly  
  New York Beacon weekly  
  Our Time Press weekly  
  Brazilian Brazilian Voice weekly  
  Brazilians monthly  
(West Indies)
New York Carib News weekly  
  Chinese China Daily daily  
  Duo Wei Times N/A  
  Epoch Times daily  
  Ming Pao daily  
  Qiao Bao weekly  
  Sing Tao daily  
  World Journal daily  
  Colombian Columbia Daily Spectator daily  
  El Espectador daily  
  Ecuadorean Ecuador News weekly  
  Estonian Vaba Eesti Sona weekly  
  Filipino Filipino Express N/A  
  Filipino Reporter weekly  
  French France-Amerique weekly  
  German New Yorker Staatszeitung weekly  
  Greek Ethikos Kyrix daily  
  The National Herald weekly  
  Orthodox Observer monthly  
  Proini daily  
(Native to
Divya Bhaskar daily  
  Gujarat Times weekly  
  Haitian Haiti Observateur weekly  
  Haiti Progres weekly  
  Haitian Times weekly  
  Hispanic El Diario daily  
  Diario De Mexico daily  
  Ecuador News weekly  
  Columbia Daily Spectator daily  
  Impacto Latin News weekly  
  La Voz Hispana weekly  
  Mi Zona Hispana weekly  
  El Correo de Queens every two weeks  
  Manhattan Times weekly  
  Indian Desi Talk/News India Times weekly  
  India Abroad weekly  
  Indian Express daily  
  Irish Irish America every two months  
  Irish Echo weekly  
  Irish Examiner weekly  
  Irish Voice weekly  
  Israeli Haaretz daily  
  Italian America Oggi daily  
  The Italian Tribune weekly  
  Jewish Five Towns Jewish Times weekly  
  The Jewish Daily - Forward weekly  
  Jewish Journal weekly  
  The Jewish Press weekly  
  The Jewish Week weekly  
  Korean Dong-A llbo daily  
  Korea Chosun daily  
  The Korea Times n/a  
  The Korea Herald daily  
  Korea Daily daily  
  Segye Times daily  
  Latvian Laiks weekly  
  Mexican Diario De Mexico daily  
  Panjabi Sher E Panjab weekly  
  Polish Kurier Plus weekly  
  Nowy Dziennik daily  
  Portugese 24 Horas daily  
  Brazilian Voice weekly  
  Russian Kurier weekly  
  Russian Bazaar weekly  
  Russkaya Reklama weekly  
  Vecherniy New York weekly  
  Swedish Nordstjernan weekly  
  Turkish Hurriyet Daily News daily  
  Urdu Urdu Times weekly  
  Yiddish The Algemeiner Journal weekly  
  Der Blatt discontinued  
  Der Yid weekly  
  The Jewish Daily - Forward weekly  
  N/A - Not Available  
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