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New York City (NYC)
Morgan Library & Museum
The Morgan Library and Museum is located in Manhattan at 225 Madison Avenue, on 36th street. The library was built between 1902 and 1906, costing $1.2 million, to house the private library of financier Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913). The building itself is magnificent, consisting an Italian Renaissance-style palazzo, which epitomizes America's Age of Elegance. In 1924, in accordance to his fathers will, John Pierpont Morgan Jr. made the library available to the public. In 1966, the building was designated a New York City Landmark as well as a National Historic Landmark. Among other valuable collections, the Library houses a small but rare collection of illuminated manuscripts, medieval artwork, and metal work covers of the Lindau Gospels.
Since its establishment, the library expanded significantly and is now also used as a research facility by many scholars. In 2006, one of the largest expansions of the library was completed, adding an extra 75,000 square feet of space to the Museum. For additional information go to www.themorgan.org.