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Our major addition to the website was a section on infrastructure - the myraid of bridges, tunnels, transportation systems, water supply systems and so on that are necessary for the City to function. Several People worked on the various parts: Eka Betsukeli (formerly known as Eka Gotsiridze) has been with us for two years but is soon to graduate and move on; Timmy Leung and Sue Kim, both new to the team; and me.

This concludes my work with NYCdata, over 10 years' effort. I'm retiring for the last time.

Eugene J. Sherman
December, 2014

Previous Acknowledgments


Over the past several months, we have been focusing on simplifying website navigation and user experience at NYCdata. Our statistical data has revealed that website viewership continues to moveon a strong upward trajectory. Additionally, we have expanded our reach and engagement levels by more proactively integrating social media via Twitter.  As always, we research the best sources for data and continue updating content as information becomes available.

The people who made this happen are Kenya Williams, Project Manager, and Ekaterina Gotsiridze, Project Coordinator.

Eugene J. Sherman
August, 2014


We have made further improvements in the website.  We added an organization chart of the New York City government with clickable access to the various departments, such as the District Attorney’s Office.  This was at the suggestion of one of Baruch’s librarians.  It has proven very popular. Separately, we are making extensive use of social media, tweeting almost daily.  The tweets now have a substantial following.  The process has added to visitations of the website.

The number of visits to our website is clearly on an uptrend.  In January 2014, we had 11,866 unique visitors, over 11 percent above the average for all of 2013.

As usual, we continue to update the tables and data as fresh data become available.  All of this work is performed by Ekaterina Gotsiridze, Research Assistant and Kenya Williams, Project Manager.

Eugene J. Sherman
February, 2014


NYCdata is progressing to a higher level of digital capability.  In that context, we are happy to announce the launch of a new beta version of the website’s home page.  We have added new graphics, and graphics to make navigation more compelling and accessible.  Additionally, we have incorporated social media via Twitter and the Weissman Center blog so you can follow us and receive updates more frequently.  As always, we take pride in providing our visitors with the most relevant information about New York City, and update content continuously.

All of this is the result of insights and efforts by Kenya Williams, the Project Manager and Ekaterina Gotsiridze, Research Assistant.

Eugene J. Sherman
September, 2013


We recently made some significant changes and additions. We reordered the chapters, guided primarily by the data we've collected on the frequency of monthly visits. The most sought after material is up front. We also developed a chapter on disasters that have occurred in New York City over the past 240 or so years. Of course, we had to be selective; only the most egregious are listed here. Meanwhile, updating, corrections and deletions are ongoing. In the case of deletions we do so once the data become old and obsolete owing to the source discontinuing publication. The creative and digital work was all done by Kenya Williams. So was the updating. The research and writing for the disasters chapter was done by Ekaterina Gotsiridze.

Eugene J. Sherman
July, 2013


We have successfully completed another system-wide update to the NYCdata website. This update includes: a reformatting of data tables-making them more current and readable, expanded coverage, increased external links to partner/sourcing websites, and, in general, made the NYCdata website experience more visually appealing. The creative and digital content was managed by Kenya Williams; the data research and updating was prepared by Murtaza Karimjee.

Eugene J. Sherman
December, 2012


The process of updating, which began in the latter part of 2011 has been completed. Raviraj Tarale was responsible for that work. Kenya Williams continued his work on reformatting many of the pages to increase accessibility and enhancing user experience.

Eugene J. Sherman
April, 2012


As was the case in February, 2011, we are updating the web site in stages. Owing to data discontinuities at some sources, we eliminated some tables and have reformatted others. Our latest update is through Section 6. Raviraj Tarale did all of the updating work. In addition we reformatted many of the pages to make them more readily accessible to prospective web site users. This aspect of the work was completed by Kenya Williams, a Baruch graduate, who is an expert in utilizing digital technology.

Eugene J. Sherman
December, 2011


The latest website enhancement was an addition to the Chapter on Culture (Section 14). We provide lists of selected movies, TV shows and songs in which New York City is ether the focus or the backdrop. We include synopses of the movies and TV shows and have links to the lyrics of the songs. The work was done by Raviraj Tarale.

Eugene J. Sherman
October, 2011


Our latest undertaking was ambitious - a summary of all of the environmental initiatives in New York City, both in place and in process. The number of them and their scope is surprisingly large, even to "knowledgeable" New Yorkers. Take a look. The project was undertaken by Amina Kimova.

Eugene J. Sherman
May, 2011


Our September 2010 update added three large tables to Section 18: 1) a ranking of the meritorious characteristics of major international cities and 2) a schedule of all the Olympic cities from 1896 forward (two tables - summer and winter games). The Olympic cities tables provide links to the website of the International Olympic Committee. The viewer can call up results for every event of any Olympiad. All of this was compiled by Amina Kimova.

Eugene J. Sherman
September, 2010


We’ve added a new section, calling it: Uniquely New York – Festivals, Parades … It contains descriptions and origins of 47 different festivals (17), parades (17), games and competitions (8) and unique types of entertainment (5) only in New York City. This section is fun and it captures the color and character of the city and its people.

Eugene J. Sherman
July, 2010


The latest update was done, once again, by Amina Kimova. This included the introduction of new tables and deletions of others that were not kept current by their originators.

Eugene J. Sherman
March, 2010


The biggest achievement of our latest enhancement is the posting of maps showing the locations of neighborhoods (all 292 of them) and the locations of institutions of higher learning. Amina Kimova did all of that work, importantly guided by Francis Donnelly of Baruch's award winning library. In addition, we made a number of other changes throughout the website.

Eugene J. Sherman
September, 2009


We updated, added to and enhanced the entire website in January 2008 and again in May 2009. Amina Kimova a graduate student at Baruch, did the bulk of the work.

Eugene J. Sherman
May 2009


Marcela Solano, MS '06 Baruch College, managed the updates and Rafael Nunez, Zicklin School of Business Web Administrator, integreded the enhancements into this website.

Eugene J. Sherman
August, 2006


This compendium of data on New York City (NYC) was a labor of love   All of the participants named below worked with enthusiasm and focus.  The goals were to get it right and to be as complete as possible.  In a few cases, we were thwarted by a lack of data availability.  But, most of the time, there was so much that we had to be selective.  The final choices were made by me.

The impetus for this project came from Professor Terrence Martell, Director of the Weissman Center for International Business.  The compendium, at first, was intended merely to update an earlier Fact Book, which had fallen badly out of date after a 10 year hiatus.  But it soon became apparent that the emergence of the Internet had made a much wider and more detailed sweep of data available.  So we scrapped the old model and created a fresh one.   This compendium is a part of a larger program under way at the Weissman Center depicting the sweep of international linkages of NYC.

Lene Skou, Deputy Director to Prof. Martell, was a continuing source of support, encouragement and administrative support.  The actual work of research, data collection, formatting and perfecting was done over a 10 month period in 2004 by four Baruch College graduate students working for varying intervals as assistants to the Weissman Center.  As is typical of the students at Baruch College, they all came from elsewhere - Bulgaria, India (2) and Malaysia.  I was the native, life long New Yorker.  They were Mariana Kind, Chitra Priyamvada, Gladwyn Desouza, and Ai Lin See.

Louise Klusek of our award winning Baruch Library provided valuable help and generous time to the project. Finally, the whole project was made possible by the generous contributions of Glenn Woo, an MBA alumnus of the class of 1967. We took care to show sources on each table so that the user (and we) can pursue further inquiry and update over time.

Eugene J. Sherman
Weissman Center For International Business
December, 2004

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