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Baruch Student Mariya Tuchinskaya Earns Fulbright Award to Study in Bulgaria

Mariya Tuchinskaya

NEW YORK, NY- April 23, 2014 –Baruch College student Mariya Tuchinskaya has earned a U.S. Student Fulbright Study/Research Awards to study in Bulgaria, where she will be completing a semester-long English Teaching Assistantship beginning September 2014.

Born in the Ukraine, Mariya moved to New York when she was 6 years old. Currently living in Gravesend, Brooklyn, Mariya said she was pleasantly surprised when she found out she won a Fulbright.

“I was thrilled and honored, and I was surprised because it is a very competitive award,” she said. “Baruch professor Dr. Susan Locke helped me through the application process, and Macaulay Advisor Lena Tuck and everyone at the Honors College were very helpful.”


Communication is Key to Success

On May 27, 2014, Mariya will receive her BA in Psychology and Speech Language Pathology through her combined major offered by the CUNY Baccalaureate Program. Mariya, who is also enrolled in Macaulay Honors College, says she is looking forward to her time in Bulgaria. Mariya will be placed into a high school during her nine-month stay, Mariya will be assisting students and teachers who want to learn English.

"I’m excited to bring my experience to the classroom,” Mariya said, “and to provide an understanding about the American culture."

"I’ve never been to Bulgaria, but I’ve been to Eastern Europe before. I am very interested in learning more about their culture and hopefully make some new friends as well. I think it’s a fascinating country and I can’t wait to learn more about it.”

An aspiring speech pathologist, Mariya first enrolled at Baruch as a communications major, but then decided to explore psychology and speech pathology after speaking with her professor Patricia Ougourlian who had also been a speech pathologist.

“She spoke about her career, and I found it to be very interesting,” Mariya said. “It wasn’t long before I tried to figure out how I could change my major so I could earn a degree in speech pathology.”

Through the CUNY BA Program, Mariya was able to continue her studies in psychology at Baruch, and she was able to take courses in Speech Pathology through the Speech Communication Arts and Sciences Program at Brooklyn College.


"Thank You" Baruch

Despite splitting her time at both campuses, Mariya says she was able to take advantage of student life at Baruch, serving as secretary of the Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society and as an active member of Hilell at Baruch.

"My professors at Baruch were also great and very helpful,” she added. “I know what I have learned at Baruch will help me while I’m in Bulgaria and beyond."

Mariya, who is an only child, is the first one in her family to seek a career in the communication sciences. Both of her parents were gifted engineers in the Ukraine. Like her parents, Mariya hopes to establish a rewarding career in her own right.

“I want to apply to a graduate program so I can continue studies in communication sciences, audiology or speech pathology,” Mariya said. “If I’m not accepted, then I plan to work toward doing more work so I can get into a strong graduate program and then eventually earn my PhD.”

“I want a career that helps make people’s lives better,” Mariya said. “Our world is continuing to explore new technologies to help people live better lives. New tools like the iPhones are being used heavily for texting as a means of connecting with people, but I believe the best connection you can make with a person is one-on-one, face to face, or in a group setting."

"I want to help people communicate better with each other and in a more meaningful way."



About Baruch College:

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