Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to obtain public service experience by interning in government or the nonprofit sector. Students are eligible to earn academic credit for internships while developing employable skills and aptitudes.

Graduate Internships

MPA students with less than one year of administrative experience are required to complete PAF 9195 Public Affairs Internship for three credits.  Contact Professor Michael Feller for placements. MSEd-HEA students with less than one year of administrative experience are required to complete PAF 9322 Higher Education Administration Internship for three credits. Contact Professor Jeff Apfel for HEA placements.

Undergraduate Internships

BSPA students are eligible to complete multiple internships for elective credit. Five internship programs are recommended:

City Council Internship: Involves a once per week seminar and work in the office of a New York City Council member for eight hours per week for eight weeks. Students learn about the legislative process and obtain a unique perspective on community issues. The instructor for PAF 5452 is former New York City Council Member and New York State Senator, Prof. Thomas Duane.

CUNY Washington, D.C. Internship Program: Offers students the opportunity work full-time in the offices of U.S. Representatives and Senators, congressional committees, federal agencies, or international non-governmental organizations. The program runs from early June to the end of July.  CUNY covers all housing costs and provides a $2,000 stipend. Students receive 3 credits for PAF 5452. A minimum 3.2 GPA is required to apply.  The application deadline is March 1 with notification of acceptance made in April. 

New York State Legislature Internships: Students experience first-hand the law-making process and constituent services. Interns reside in Albany, are assigned to work full-time for legislative offices, contribute to a policy forum, and participate in a mock legislative session. There are separate Assembly and Senate programs. Students receive stipend and 15 credits for PAF 5001. The deadline for the Assembly program and the Senate program are early November. Notifications of acceptance for both programs are made in December.

White House Internship: students work in full-time in the Executive Office of the President. Unpaid internships are available every semester with the application deadline in the prior semester. Students receive 6 credits for PAF 5000. 

Hagedorn Internship: students attend a weekly seminar and work for 10-hours per week in a nonprofit organization. Students must hold a minimum GPA of 3.00 to register for PAF 5452. Each intern is awarded $1,500 upon completing the job assignment, funds permitting. The internship is offered in the fall and spring semesters.