Alumni Spotlight

May Alumni Spotlight with Alla Gluz, MPA '14

May Alumni Spotlight

Building and retaining a high-quality workforce is arguably the most critical facet of any successful organization. Alla Gluz not only finds talent to fit varied roles, but also maintains mentor-student relationships through the School of Public Affairs’ Executives on Campus Mentee Alumni Program. Alla discusses the most challenging aspects of recruiting, her experience with mentoring, and her career aspirations.

What are the most challenging aspects of being a recruiter and how do you believe your MPA in Public Management has prepared you for them?
The most challenging part of recruitment is to think out of the box and being able to identify talent and potential especially in junior candidates. Part of my responsibilities is to assist entry-level professionals and recent grads to understand their career goals. My MPA prepared me for the HR/Recruitment world in different aspects but the most important is to be able to communicate with people in a professional manner. I also took a few courses in HR and public management which directly entailed HR-related situations and basics.

Who did you help and what did you accomplish as a mentor in the School’s 2014 Executives on Campus Mentee Alumni Program (EOC MAP) you took part in?
I am a Mentor at the EOC MAP program and I support an international student. I help him with anything related to the study and professional development. I really enjoy this volunteer role and that's why I would like to expand my volunteer work at Baruch supporting more students. I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and experience while I was with Baruch that I am willing to share with others.

What do you envision for your career over the next decade or so?
My professional goals and plans for the future are to provide support to job seekers and those who need any kind of professional advice or assistance. To be more specific, I would like to serve recent grads and young professionals in helping them identify their career path or direct them. It would include identifying their passion and aspirations and matching it with their skills and knowledge, reviewing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews. It could also entail assistance in the career change and structuring methods for conducting it.

Part of my goal is to support international students in developing professionally and adjusting to the new culture. That being said, I would like to focus my career on providing support to recent grads and young professionals including international students.

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