Professor Jonathan Engel’s New Book Hits BookstoresPage title

jon engel unaffordableProfessor Jonathan Engels' new book, Unaffordable: American Healthcare from Johnson to Trump has been written for non-experts with sharp, punchy prose and an engaging style. It delivers the history of American healthcare from Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s to the age of the Affordable Care Act in the 2010s and answers the question that so many of us have about our healthcare system: "How in the world did we get here? Unaffordable provides not only a greater understanding of how the system is put together, but the ways in which various groups of Americans are helped or harmed by our current system of care.

“I wrote Unaffordable to give interested but uninformed Americans a point of entree to understanding the complexity of our system, and how it got this way”, says Professor Engel.“I tried to tell a story which would allow readers to draw some of their own conclusions.I also tried to illustrate the book as best I could with pithy quotes, anecdotes, and examples to help bring alive the somewhat densesubjects of healthcare finance, management, and policy. The finished bookis aimed at the non-expert who wants to understand the genesis of their health insurance andlocal hospital, and to get into the heads of their doctors, legislators, insurance executives, and pharmaceutical lobbyists.”

Jonathan Engel teaches courses in the Marxe School’s healthcare policy track of the Master of Public Administration, in addition to teaching the research methods sequence. He also serves as Faculty Development Coordinator. Professor Engel conducts research in the historical evolution of U.S. health and social welfare policy and has written numerous books on the subject matter.

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