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What are Semester Exchange Programs? Exchange programs are based upon signed agreements between Baruch and its partner universities abroad. If you participate in an exchange, you will study for one or two semesters as a visiting student at one of our partner universities. With some exceptions, you will study alongside regular degree candidates at the host institution. All of our exchange partners, even those whose language of instruction is not English, offer a number of university courses taught in English. If you meet all course prerequisites and possess the necessary language proficiency, you will have access to all fields of study at the institution, just like any other degree candidate.

Exchanges operate on the basis of a reciprocal one-to-one exchange. If you are nominated to study on an exchange, you pay your normal semester CUNY tuition and fees to the Baruch Bursar. Your tuition and fees pays for the education of the student from our partner university who attends Baruch while you are attending her/his university; the tuition paid by the student from the partner university attending Baruch pays for your education there. You are responsible for the costs of transportation, accommodation, food and miscellaneous expenses while studying on the exchange.

Support services for exchanges are provided by the host institution’s international student services office. Exchanges are best suited for students who wish to be and are capable of being self-reliant, and who wish to be more thoroughly “immersed” in the foreign academic institution.

*definition of Semester Exchange Programs was taken from the Baruch Study Abroad Office.

Marxe students can apply to study abroad for the Fall/Spring semester at our partner universities through the Baruch Study Abroad Office. The Baruch Study Abroad Office sets the deadline for Fall Programs as March 15th and for Spring Programs as October 1st. Please see below for suggested destinations for Marxe students:

For the countries listed above, a limited quantity of Marxe Study Abroad scholarships are available to offset the study abroad expenses if a student qualifies. To learn more about qualifications and the application process, click here.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Global Initiatives at

Study Abroad in Ghent

The Ghent-Marxe International Student Exchange Program offers the chance to study public administration, human resources management, and international organizations in Belgium, and learn about Public Affairs in the European context. To learn more about Ghent University exchange programs click here. We currently have a bi-lateral relationship with Ghent University (UGent), which is located in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The program is strong in Human Resources Management with particular depth in issues relating to the management of European Institutions. Masters-level instruction is in English; this program is open only to MPA students.