Tuition and Fees

SPA Graduate Admissions manages the entire admissions process for the traditional
MPA, Executive MPA, MSED in Higher Education dministration, and the Scaffolded
Apprenticeship Model (SAM Citywide) eductaional leadership program.
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Tuition and fees are determined by the CUNY Board of Trustees. The Board is comprised of memebers appointed by the Governor of New York Stae.

CUNY has a longstanding tradition of affordability and excellence. A high qulity education is offered for at least a third of the sum charged by comparable public and private institutionsin the New York City metropolitan area.

Students are considered full-timewhen enrolled in 12 or more credits during a given semester. New York State residents benefit from a fixed rate of tuition when enrolled for full-time study. Resdients of other states and international students pay tuition per graduate credit.

Executive MPA (EXMPA) students pay tuition and fees per academic year (May-June) for two years total. The EXMPA is a cohort program completed on Staurdays with tuition and fees covering required books, special travel, technology, staff support, career seminars, networking events, and breakfats and lunch on class days.

Students in the New Leader's APP program and the New York City Leadership Academy's education programs don not pay tuition or fees. Costs are covered buy the partnerorganization.

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There are additional charges and fees that may be applied for specific items, such as rep[lacement ID cards, reentry to the college, bad checks, library fines, etc. For a complete list of additional fees, link to the Baruch College Bursar.

Students may obtain a refund for tuition but not fees. Refunds are made according to a schedule from the Baruch College Bursar. Link to the Refund Schedule.