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The Master of Science in Education in Higher Education Administration (MSEd-HEA) at Baruch College’s Marxe School of Public and International Affairs seeks to produce leaders and managers who are well-equipped to take on the challenges of the unique world of higher education.  Our program is ideally structured to meet the needs of people currently working in higher education who seek to advance their role and responsibilities. At the same time, the Program welcomes full-time students and those new to higher education. Whether you are currently in the field or looking to change careers, the program offers the framework needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing higher education domain. Graduates pursue careers as executives, directors, coordinators, and analysts of programs and services on college campuses and beyond.

The Marxe Higher Education Administration (HEA) Program aspires not only to produce the talented leaders and managers who will effectively chart the futures of institutions of higher education, but also to produce leaders who will change public policy writ large; who will help develop educational systems and policies that promote equity in access to higher education and who will continue and enhance higher education’s demonstrable successes in student learning and inquiry.  Values of access, equity, excellence, diversity, and transparency infuse our programs and infuse the work of our graduates as well.  We are especially interested in students gaining a deeper understanding of the role of higher education both in society and in their own lives.

The HEA Program takes full advantage of its location within one of the largest Schools of Public and International Affairs and the largest urban higher education system in the United States. Program offerings expose students not only to the more focused world of higher education administration, but also to the much broader and more comprehensive worlds of public and international affairs, and to the richness and complexity of the City University of New York.  Students are encouraged to study with faculty from throughout the Marxe School, throughout Baruch, and throughout the City University of New York.  The HEA Program’s organizational location within the Marxe School, within Baruch, and within CUNY and its location in the heart of New York City make it an unparalleled opportunity for students interested in graduate study in higher education leadership.

The HEA Program focuses on four distinct substantive areas within higher education:

  • The History and Structure of Higher Education
  • Leadership in Higher Education
  • Advancing the Academic Mission and Student Success,  and
  • Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research in Higher Education

Within – or across – these areas, students are asked to develop a “Personal Program Plan” that is particularly suited to their interests in higher education and to their aspirations for their future careers in higher education.  The Program requires that students, early in their time at Baruch, prepare a formal statement of their personal goals for their program, and to specify the curricular path they plan to follow to achieve those goals.  These statements can be revised as students progress through the HEA program.  Students can also be guided through the development of this personal program plan by consulting the formal set of “Expected Competencies and Learning Objectives” developed by the HEA Program (and described in more detail below).

Students are also required to develop and maintain a “Portfolio” of their activities and accomplishments throughout the Program, one that demonstrates their progress towards – and ultimately their completion of – both their personal program plan and the formal competencies and learning objectives established by the Program.  The HEA Program makes specific portfolio software available to students to assist them in organizing and preserving an example of their work in the programs. The completion of this portfolio is a critical element of the Program’s required Capstone course.

Click on the sections below for additional detail on the Program’s Areas of Focus and Associated Courses, and on Competencies and Learning Outcomes that students completing the Program are expected to achieve upon graduating from the Program.  We provide additional information on formal degree requirements, and admissions requirements for candidates interested in applying to the HEA Program.

To learn more about the degree and apply:

Attend one of the School’s monthly information sessions and meet HEA faculty representatives.

For more information on applying visit the Admissions Requirements and Process page.

The best and most current information on the entire graduate admissions process, including for the Higher Education Administration Program, can be found at Admissions Requirements and Process page. It provides information on the MSEd Program in Higher Education, as well as on Master of Public Administration and the Masters of International Affairs Programs.

Please note that the MSEd Program does not require applicants to submit GRE scores.  Applicants do, however, have the option of submitting GRE scores with their application material. 

If you have questions, please contact the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs' Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Services at or call 646-660-6750.