Western Hemisphere Affairs

The western hemisphere is home to the world's largest developed economy, one of the fastest emerging economies, one of its most vital trading blocs, and some of the most vigorous and complicated migration patterns anywhere on the planet. While there are several university centers that address the hemisphere as a whole, there are no degree programs in a policy school offering a concentration that considers all of North, Central and South America.

Specific topics of study in this concentration include migration, remission flows, trade policy and economic cooperation, regional planning, intra-hemispheric security, energy production/policy, and fostering closer relations among institutions of higher education throughout the hemisphere. The program draws on Baruch's considerable strengths in migration studies and Latin American studies, the Master program in Higher Education Administration and CUNY's Bildner Center in Western Hemisphere Affairs.

Graduates will aspire to careers in government, INGOs, international institutions, and private industry.

Students will develop in depth knowledge of the politics, economics and culture of our integrating hemisphere, preparing them for vital roles in government, foundations, international businesses, INGOs and international and regional financial and political institutions.