Succession planning for a chief executive can be challenging and emotional; it can also be inspiring, uplifting and strategic. It begins with a look at the organizational values the board wants to perpetuate and the things that staff and supporters love and admire about the current or recent leadership. Succession planning looks at the leadership qualities, management skills and other attributes an organization needs in its next generation of leadership. It builds on the past and present and looks ahead to where the fresh energy and vision of a new leader might take your organization. And, succession planning is about more than just the chief executive. It can apply to senior executive staff, department heads and board leadership too.

During this interactive webinar, participants will learn about:

• How to start, and how to frame, the conversation about succession planning with entrenched leaders;
• Various succession planning scenarios - planned and unplanned transitions, internal or external candidates, etc.;
• What are the critical questions to ask during a succession planning process;
• How to conduct a thoughtful succession planning process, and how to repurpose data collected through the process;
• How to build a culture of leadership development for both staff and board;
• Using interim executives and interim senior staff during a transition;
• When and how do you engage external stakeholders;
• How and why to use an outside consultant to facilitate the process;
• How to maintain and steward key relationships during a transition;
• The fundraising and communications opportunities in honoring a departing leader; and
• Answers to questions from participants.

Post-webinar, participants will receive a list of additional resources.

Who should attend:
• Executive staff, particularly long-term leaders
• Board members
• Funders who support grantees with long-term leadership
• Anyone interested in learning more about succession planning

60 min


Download the registration form and mail it, or register online.