Commercial Ventures
Not-for-Profit Organizations

This interactive, one day program is for not-for-profit organizations looking to create commercial ventures to increase the diversification of their income portfolio. Creating a commercial venture can diversify and increase revenue enabling your nonprofit to be less reliant on donations and grants. It can help make your organization more sustainable and entrepreneurial. However, there are also risks. Half of all businesses fail in the first five years.

This full day boot camp helps organizations assess their readiness to develop and run a commercial venture. Participants will analyze and review common business models used by not-for-profit organizations. Techniques will be provided to help not-for-profit organizations develop and screen ideas for a commercial venture. The program will teach ways to gain buy in from the board and staff, provide case studies, share lessons learned, and discuss risks and how to mitigate them.

Full price $750.

Registration is closed.

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