Webinar: “Life After Regression: An Overview of Data Mining Techniques”

When we dip our toe into analytics, we often start with statistical modeling, like linear and logistical regression. They work well, but more techniques are available to understand our audience’s behaviors, especially in groups or in a behavior chain. This webinar demonstrates data mining techniques that enhance both prospecting and analysis of constituency behavior and affinity.

Topics covered:

  • Using decision trees to find interaction among characteristics
  • Using cluster analysis to identify constituents by natural groups
  • Using text analysis for sentiment analysis

Demonstrations using SPSS, WEKA, and R will be included.

90 min


Practitioner: Marianne M. Pelletier, practitioner for the Finding Prospective Donors with Analytics for Not-for-Profit Organizations, offered at the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Baruch College/CUNY.


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