The Great Leaders Program is an executive certificate program. This nine-month intensive program is held on-campus at Baruch College on Monday evenings. Participants successfully completing the program will be awarded a 'Certificate in Executive Leadership.'

It is designed primarily for career nonprofit professionals; however, leaders from government and business who have an interest in pursuing careers in the nonprofit sector will also be considered, especially if they have volunteer experience in nonprofits. Individuals whose relevant experience is largely as a volunteer, especially on boards of directors and other high-level positions, will also be seriously considered.

The Great Leaders Program has three distinctive features for high-impact learning

(1) Active learning, where background material is provided to participants in advance of each session and face-to-face classroom time focuses primarily on performing leadership tasks (Examples: participants will constitute a board of directors and work with a CEO; participants will make an “ask” for a major gift). Formal lectures constitute no more than one-third of time in short courses.

(2) Peer learning, where participants will learn from one another through the discussion of decision-forcing cases, in-depth case studies, simulated leadership situations, and sharing of their own management experiences.

(3) A synthesizing Capstone experience, where individuals will distill the Great Leaders experience with their own personal career vision.

The Great Leaders Program consists of two different venues

(1) Short Courses are the primary learning vehicle, varying from one to nine hours in length.

(2) Visiting CEOs find participants engaging with current and former nonprofit CEOs to share their "view from the top" and experiences as well as their perspectives on career management and executive search.

Courses are taught on an intensive basis from the perspective of what a CEO needs to know and do.

The Program focuses on these subjects:
-The Roles of a Nonprofit CEO and Top Management Team
-Working with the Board of Directors
-Strategic Management and Planning
-Budgeting and Financial Management
-The Digital Executive
-Leaders as Communicators
-Fundraising From a CEO Perspective: Major Gifts and Annual Campaigns
-Fundraising: Foundation Relations and Grantsmanship
-Government Contracting
-Evaluating Programs
-Human Resources Management
-CEOs as Change Masters
-Managing Yourself: Self-Awareness and Reflection

Program Leadership

Frederick S. Lane, Ph.D., is Academic Director of The Great Leaders Program and Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs at Baruch College.He is also a Faculty Fellow in the Marxe School’s Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management and a consultant in the management of nonprofit organizations.

"Not surprisingly, The Great Leaders Program is all about leadership. Our definition stresses setting shared organizational goals and influencing others to actually achieve those goals. This approach is embedded throughout the courses and other activities. The goal is to positively impact the expectations and actions of the many stakeholders in any nonprofit organization. Always adapting and pursuing organizational purpose, Great Leaders are part visionary and part coach, part builder and part advocate."
---Frederick Lane, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and Academic Director, The Great Leaders Program

Program Cost

Full cost of the program: $4,999. Payment plans are available.

Baruch College alumni and employees get a 15% discount off the full price.

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