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Any Marxe graduate student who wants to take more than 9 credits (full-time) in a given semester must consult with an academic advisor and get permission to do so. Please email your advisor or contact

The Schedule of Classes is available prior to each registration period for the upcoming semester for students to search for classes, instructor names, and course information. Students may add courses to their shopping cart prior to their registration time. To register for classes and be assured of a seat, click "Enroll" and "Finish Enrolling". Neither instructors nor advisors can add seats to a closed class.

Courses with section codes Executive MPA, NUF, SM, NL, or ALI, are not open for registration by traditional MPA, MIA, or MSED-HEA students. A course with a NET section code indicates it is taught fully online or in a hybrid mode. Hybrid classes meet for some sessions in a classroom and at other times fully online.


CUNYfirst Definition



In-Person.No course assignments and no required activities delivered online.

In-Person.100% of scheduled class meetings are in traditional physical classrooms.


Web-Enhanced.No scheduled class meetings are replaced, but some of the course content and assignments, as well as required or optional activities, are online.


Partially online.Up to 32% of scheduled class meetings are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings.

Hybrid. Some scheduled class meetings, but less than 100%, are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings.


Hybrid(Blended). Between 33% and 80% of scheduled class meetings are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings.


Online.More than 80% but less than 100% of scheduled class meetings are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings.


Fully online.100% of scheduled class meetings are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings. All of the class work, including exams, is online.

Fully online. See the CUNYfirst definition to the left.

Graduate students must claim their CUNYfirst account to register for classes. Students in the traditional MPA, MIA, MSEd-HEA, and MSEd-SDL claim their account and register themselves. Students in the Executive MPA, MPA-NUF, MSEd-SAM, and K-12 educational leadership partner programs claim their account, but do not register themselves; this is done by the graduate advisement team.

Students that register themselves must access CUNYfirst to find their appointment time for registration. If there is a hold on the account (late payments, overdue library fines, etc.), the hold will need to be cleared in order to register. It is recommended that students meet with their advisor to plan out their courses in the correct order to avoid taking classes at the wrong time. Graduate students working full-time should not register for a full-time course load (9 or more credits).

Students should not register for a capstone class (PAF 9190 or PAF 9390) until they are at the end of their academic program. Independent study capstones are not permitted.

Students seeking to complete an independent study must make arrangement with a full-time member of the public affairs faculty, who then must obtain authorization from the Associate Dean. Adjunct faculty are not permitted to teach independent study sections.

If classes are cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or for some other reason, a notification will be sent prior to the start of the semester via Baruch email. A back-up schedule is recommended in the event a class is cancelled or moved to another time slot.

Students may take courses at other CUNY senior colleges using the ePermit system on CUNYfirst. Preapproval is required by emailing An academic advisor will notify students by email with approval to ePermit. After authorization has been granted, follow the College's how-to guide to ePermit.

View the Marxe Graduate Academic Advisement Handbook