Academic Policies

Transfer Credits

Traditional MPA, MIA, and MSEd-HEA students may transfer up to twelve (12) credits of graduate coursework from other institutions to Baruch College with a grade of "B" or higher and only if these courses were not also used for complete another graduate degree. Courses must have been completed within five years of student’s enrollment in the Marxe School. CAPS courses may not be transferred as core courses. For each course requested to be transferred, a syllabus, the official course description, and official transcript of the grade received must be emailed as PDF file attachments to After review by the college administration, students will be notified by email about their transfer credit status.

Academic Probation

Graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative gpa of 3.0. When the cumulative gpa falls below the requirement, students are placed on academic probation by the Registrar. Students will then have 12 credits to bring their cumulative gpa back to a 3.0, while maintaining a minimum B grade in each class. If a student's gpa remains below the required 3.0 after the 12 probationary credits are completed, the student will be permanently dismissed from their program of study. Students on probation or students with low gpas should not enroll in winter intersession courses in January. Students on or about to be placed on probation should speak to an advisor immediately to formulate a plan to raise their gpa.

Pass/No Credit

MPA, MIA, and MSEd-HEA students may use the P/NC option once for one elective course. It cannot be used for core courses. The Registrar must receive P/NC application by the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar. Once processed, a request cannot be withdrawn nor can a student decide during a course to change from a P/NC to a conventional grade. The course instructor is not informed that a student is completing the class under the P/NC option.

The grade of P or NC is not computed in the student's GPA. For example, if a student receives a C or an A, a P grade will be reflected on the transcript and the student will receive credit for the course. The C or A will not be calculated in the student's GPA. Similarly, if a student receives an F for the course, the NC grade will be reflected on the transcript and the F will not count in the GPA. Furthermore, if a student receives a NC, he/she may either retake the same course or another in its place, but this time a conventional grade will be assigned.

F Replacement Policy

The grade of F is computed in the GPA. A failed course must be repeated if it is a required course in the student’s program. Students who repeat a failed course and earn a grade of B- or better may petition to drop the grade of F from the computation of the grade point average; the grade of F will remainon the transcript. Only one F grade may be dropped from the calculation of the grade point average. Graduate students who want to request an F replacement, must email the registrar at:

Leave of Absence
When a student intends to take a semester or more off during the course of their studies at Baruch College, they should let the Office of Graduate Adivsement know via email at so that advisors can work with him or her when the student is ready to return. All graduate students have 6 years to complete their degree from their first entry date. If a student needs more than 6 years, they can file an academic appeal for more time.

Re-Entry to the College
Students who take off one or more semesters must file for re-entry using the following re-entry form prior to the term in which they plan to return. Students should contact their academic advisor when they plan to return and make sure they submit the re-entry form to the registrar by the deadline, which appears on the academic calendar for each semester. The six-year time period for completion of the requirements for the master's degree will be extended no more than two semesters for such nonattendance.

If the original six-year period and two additional semesters have expired, the student must apply to the appropriate graduate committee on academic standing for a time extension. In some instances, an extension may require a review of the student's original program for currency of subject matter. Additional courses may be required to complete the degree.

Filing for Graduation

All graduate students must file for graduation in the beginning of their last semester of coursework. The Academic Calendar shows the deadline to file for graduation every semester which can be done online via CUNYFirst. There is only one graduation ceremony at Baruch in the spring term. Students graduating in the summer (taking their last courses in the summer) can walk in the earlier spring ceremony if they file for graduation in the spring and indicate summer, not spring as their last term (summer has a September graduation date on the diploma).

However, students who graduate in the fall (a Jan/Feb diploma date) can only attend the graduation ceremony the following spring. For more instructions on how to apply for graduation or for graduation ceremony facts, please visit the Registrar's website here.

Academic Appeals

Graduate students can file an academic appeal for a number of reasons including: retroactive course withdrawal, reinstatement, and extension of time to complete a degree. Appeals are heard by the Committee on Academic Standing which is comprised of four faculty members elected by the entire MSPIA faculty and two student representatives as well as staff members. Students do not appear before the CAS.

An Academic Appeals Form must be submitted along with a written statement and any supporting documentation (e.g. doctor's notes, hospital records, email correspondence, The appeal form and all supporting documentation in PDF format must be submitted to with the subject line: ACADEMIC APPEAL.

The committee considers appeals twice per semester and once during the summer. The appeal submission deadlines for Spring 2019 are: Monday, February 11, 2019 and Monday, April 22, 2019. Any submissions received after these dates will not be considered until the summer 2019 term.