map I

The Meroe Archival Project (MAP) was conceived in 2011 through the University of Reading Internationalisation Team. The Internationalisation Fund was established to promote important new academic initiatives that unite the University of Reading with other outstanding research institutions across the globe. The Department of Archaeology and the School of Human and Environmental Sciences at the University of Reading and the Department of Archaeology at The University of Khartoum provided early support of this project (2011-2012). The British Academy International Partnership Scheme awarded MAP three years of funding to promote knowledge exchanges between the University of Khartoum and the University of Reading (2011). This generous support has enabled the project to move forward. Thanks also go to TVAES Donation Fund for their kind donation towards a camera for the Meroe Archival Project.

Other individuals and organizations whom we would like to acknowledge for their support include:

Department of Archaeology, University of Reading Staff
Department of Archaeology, University of Khartoum Staff
National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM)
The Acropole Hotel (Sudan) Staff