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The Guardian (UK): Peter L Shinnie's obituary, "one of the leading pioneers of African archaeology".

Hieroilogoi: "digital Resources for Religion in Late Antiquity"

Medieval Nubia "a site dedicated to the collaborative publication of scholarly resources for the study of medieval Nubia"

AWOL (Ancient World Online)

(SARS) The Sudan Archaeological Research Society

The German Archaeological Institute: mediterranean influence on an African civilization in Greco-Roman time.

Meroitic Newsletter "Dedicated to all Meroitic Scholars, especially the recently passed Dr. Bruce Trigger"

Royal Ontario Museum: "in 1999, a joint ROM-University of Khartoum expedition to Meroe was formed to explore and protect the ruins of the ancient capital of the Suda"

Louvre France, regarding Meroe exhibit in 2010: "in this first exhibition devoted exclusively to Meroƫ, capital of a great empire on the Nile, two hundred works of art highlight the majesty of an ancient civilization and its intermingling of African, Egyptian and Greco-Roman influences."

A History of the World in a Hundred Objects: BBC and British Museum podcast about the head of the Roman Emperor Augustus from Meroe.

Petrie Museum (UCL): contains pottery from Meroe (currently closed - reopens April 2nd 2013).

Digital Egypt (UCL): information regarding Meroe and previous excavations including the 1965 excavation with P. Shinnie and the University of Khartoum.


Museum of Khartoum