Baruch College Department of Mathematics | Mathematics Major


Mathematics Major

The major in mathematics is designed to enable the student to enter the marketplace (industrial or educational) or to pursue further studies in mathematics or allied fields at the graduate level.  Interested students are urged to contact the Department of Mathematics as early as possible.  The student will meet with an advisor who will aid in formulating an appropriate course of study.  Students who want to teach mathematics in the secondary schools should consult an advisor in the Center for Advisement and Orientation.

Required Courses:
MTH 3006 ( Integral Calculus  4 credits) and MTH 3030 ( Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 5 credits)


MTH 3006 and MTH 3007 and MTH 3020


MTH 3010 (Calculus II 4 credits) and MTH 3020 (Intermediate Calculus  4 credits)

All students must take the following three courses.
MTH 3300      Algorithms, Computers and Programming I  3 credits
MTH 4010       Advanced Calculus I  3 credits
MTH 4100       Linear Algebra   3 credits

Any four 4000-level or 5000-level courses from the following group:

MTH 4110       Ordinary Differential Equations 3 credits
MTH 4120       Introduction to Probability 4 credits
MTH 4125       Stochastic Process  3 credits
MTH 4130       Mathematics of Statistics 4 credits
MTH 4135      Computational Methods in Probability 3 credits
MTH 4140       Graph Theory 3 credits
MTH 4145       Mathematical Modeling*  3 credits
MTH 4150       Combinatorics 3 credits
MTH 4200       Theory of Numbers 3 credits
MTH 4210       Elements of Modern Algebra 3 credits
MTH 4220       Introduction to Modern Geometry 3 credits
MTH 4230       History of Mathematics 3 credits
MTH 4240       Differential Geometry*  3 credits
MTH 4300       Algorithms, Computers and Programming II* 3 credits
MTH 4310       Methods of Numerical Analysis 3 credits
MTH 4315       Mathematical Logic 3 credits
MTH 4320       Fundamental Algorithms 3 credits
MTH 4500       Introduction to Financial Mathematics 4 credits
MTH 5010       Advanced Calculus II*  3 credits
MTH 5020       Theory of Function of a Complex Variable 3 credits
MTH 5030       Theory of Functions of Real Variables* 3 credits
MTH 5100       Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems* 3 credits

* These courses are offered infrequently, subject to student demand.