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2.21 Senior Opinions (1939)

Source: Lexicon, 1939

Senior Opinions

1. Would you fight in a war abroad? No-85%.

2. Whom do you consider the most outstanding man alive? Franklin D. Roosevelt; Albert Einstein.

3. Whom do you consider the most outstanding woman alive? Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt; Mme. Chiang Kai-shek.

4. Whom do you consider the most outstanding alumnus of City College? Robert F. Wagner; Felix Frankfurter.

5. What is your favorite morning newspaper? New York Times. Evening paper? New York Post. Favorite magazine? Time; Esquire.

6. Who is your favorite radio comedian? Jack Benny.

7. Who is your favorite cinema actor? Paul Muni. Cinema actress? Myrna Loy.

8. Who is your favorite dramatic actor? Maurice Evans. Dramatic actress? Helen Hayes.

9. Which movie actress most closely approaches your conception of an ideal wife? Madeline Carroll.

10. Who is your favorite novelist? Sinclair Lewis.

11. What do you consider the best novel of recent years? Anthony Adverse.

12. What do you consider the best movie of the year? "The Life of Emile Zola." Best play? "Dead End."

13. Which do you prefer? Blondes-45%; Brunettes-53%; Redheads-2%.

14. Have you ever been in love? Yes-60%.

15. At what age do you wish to marry? 27-years.

16. Does your wife have to be a college graduate? No-75%; Yes-15%; No difference-10%.

17. Would you object to your wife's working? No.-65 % .

18. What profession do you expect to enter after graduation? Accounting - 60 %; Advertising - 8 %; Teaching -12 %; Others - 20%.

19. What do you expect your average salary to be five years from now? $3300 a year.

20. What do you consider the most worthwhile extracurricular activity? Athletics-30%; House Plan-25%; Publications -20%.

21. Do you consider yourself Liberal, Conservative, or Progressive? Liberal-70%; Conservative-10 %; Progressive-20%.

22. Do you expect to pursue graduate studies? Yes-80%.

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